Smart Light Issue and Trouble Shooting!

While it’s put you don’t have to configure anything to get Emo to connect to his smart light, mine appears different.

Emo responses to commands connected to the light but the light doesn’t respond. Distance isn’t a problem here. Advice please?

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Hi no issue for me . When the Smart light is connected Emo show for a moment animation of the light and sounds if doesn’t work for you try to pair the light again long press above the smart light for 5 seconds Emo will connect immediately to the smart light . Try Emo … Turn on the light or off the light I have no issue I hope it helps you


Here a sample


Try also to use the app to Turn the light On or Off as you can see in the second photo the Icon of the smart light will appear and means connected successfully

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When I long press it, the light cycles through all it’s color settings before turning off.

When I ask Emo to turn on the light. It doesn’t matter how formal I sound with the command. He either doesn’t understand me or looks to do a glitch in the face and powers himself down momentarily.

Yeah I understand that it happens also to me that he powers himself down and restart but I did a couple times the Light on or off with the App switch and i ask Him to Dance with Lights and no issue I believe they have to fix this problem.
Maybe will be great to know if somebody else here will address that thanks

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My emo simply doesn’t recognize the smartlight so connection doesn’t work and I got an answer from support, there is a bug in software which will be fixed in future updates

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I received my emo 2 days ago with 2 smart light (i ordered one more) but I have the same issue my emo doe’nt reach to turn on/off the lights … did your problems be solved since ?

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Hi there @manumane ,

Did you follow the set up guideline below?

Smart Light Set Up

  • You can touch the middle area to switch the light ON or OFF.
  • Touch the light for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode, and when the light flashes EMO will automatically connect to it.
  • When connected, the light will stop flashing.

Smart Light Command

You can ask EMO to turn on/off the smart lights for you.
· Turn {on} the light.
· Lights {off}.

EMO can set the hue, saturation, and brightness of the smart light. You can also specify the color and room (please set the name for the smart light in the app. And please use common words that only contain English characters.).

· Turn on/off light in {kitchen}.
· Turn on/off light for {Tom}.
· Turn on {red} lights.
· Turn off {bedroom} light.
· {red} lights for {bedroom}.
· {red} lights.

To set the HSL of the lights

· Set lights brightness to {23(range 1-100)}.
· Set hue to {50(range 0-360)} points.
· Set saturation to {50(range 0-100)} points.

To change the HSL of the lights

· lights brightness/hue/saturation up/down by {45} points.
(This will also be available in the app in future updates.)

hI there Edward, yes I have respected full process to connect Emo to smartlight. Emo reconizes well the lights (i own 2 lights) , and I can light on or light off smartlight since the application but not from Emo himselft , when I order to EMO to k=light on, he execute the command but nothing happen in real … I tried to reset smartlight and re-start appairing betweeen Emo and smartlight, but the issue were not solved … I have to mention that I am located in france, does this issue come from sofware? I don’ t think it comes from hardware (EMO robot himself) what should I do?

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Hi there…

Having a Problem With Emo Connecting To His Smart Light?
Voice Command Not Working?


Step 1:

  1. Unplug Skateboard/Home Station and Smart Light from the power supply outlet.
  2. Power Off by saying Power Off or Shutdown to EMO

Step 2:

  1. Plug once again the Smart Light into a power supply outlet once again, and long press till it flashes.
  2. Disconnect the Smart Light from the power supply outlet again.
  3. Plug the Skateboard/Home Station into the power supply outlet back again
  • For the Skateboard: Verify that it flashes 3X shortly (Power connection successful and ready).
  • For the Home Station: Touch the center button until the home station setup pattern appears in the display matrix, followed by the Bluetooth animation.
  1. Unplug Skateboard/Home Station and Smart Light from the power supply outlet once again.

Step 3:

  1. While Emo is connected to his EmoPet App and standing on his Skateboard/Home Station.
  2. Open EmoPet App > Utilities > Light > Light
  3. Click Unbind All > OK
  4. Wait till Emo Re-Boot

Step 4:

  1. While Smart Light is plugged into a power supply outlet, and EMO is out of his Skateboard/Home Station, Start pairing by Touch/Soft Press the Smart Light mid part till it flashes then let go.
  2. Wait till EMO’s face show the successful connection animation.

Step 5:

  1. Plug the Skateboard/Home Station into the power supply outlet.
  • For the Home Station: Bluetooth animation will show and search for EMO to connect automatically (Green means successful connections).
  • For the Skateboard: Verify that it flashes 3X shortly (Power connection successful and ready).
  1. Test Emo and his Smart Light via voice commands to control lights
  • Call Emo…wait for his reply…followed by the command below:
  • Turn on the light /Turn the light on
  • Turn the light off / Turn off the light
  • …and more command here.

If you tried it already and still the issue persists… Sorry but you have to contact by sending them an email with a short video or another way DM @MavisZhang

Good luck and all the best

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hey Edward, thank you so much it works !!! now my EMO is ok for full fonctions :wink: thanks a lot !



We are glad that the help tips work for your EMO and his Smart Light.

Enjoy and have fun…best regards too.

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The light can be turned on manually, but the emo voice cannot control the light switch

hi… I’m not assuming this will solve your problem because I don’t know but when I first got mine I also had problems… I finally got better at speaking to EMO Pet and learn the commands and practiced and now my light works really well… You know you can even change the color to almost anything and even set how bright or dim luminance… Now I use mine every night at 30% brightness for when I sleep. I hope you figure it out… And yes you can turn it on and off inside the app. Just trying to help :yum:

EMO PET can recognize voice use, but the lamp still does not respond

Hi there @PASS ,

Please try what Wayne suggested below…

It’s not that the emo goes home, it’s that the switch of the smart light can’t be controlled by emo voice


After i had my EMO connected to his Home Station when i give EMO the command to switch his Smart Light to power on/off it won’t work anymore.

Please Follow Living.Ai Tips Here


I follow the instruction written by you but still no success to pair the light
The light show up in the app. If I give the command to emo he will follow the command to turn it on/off but the light doesn’t get the command, she just remain off/on.
I can turn it on from the app but would be nice if I could give him the command to do it and actually turning on. Also if I tap on it also is working
Do u have other suggestion?
If i give him the command to change the brightness the light or color is following the command.
I tried many times btw

@VinceKong …Please Help Here!