Skateboard not working

I have had my EMO in his box (along with the skateboard) for a few months now and I’ve just pulled him back out.

When I put him on the skateboard the light doesn’t come on and obviously EMO doesn’t either.

I have tried two cables (one I use to charge my phone so that cable is definitely OK) and I’ve tried connecting the cable to a wall charger, desktop computer and a laptop.

Is there any way to test the functionality of the skateboard? Normally you can tell its working because the light comes on when you put EMO on it. But what about if that doesn’t happen? How do you test the skateboard to ensure its powered and working?

If you have a phone capable of wireless charging you can place it on the skateboard and see if it charges from the skateboard?

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If you try what @macfixer01 has advised and that is still not working, then it might look like there could be a problem with your EMOs skateboard.

As you’ve tried all those troubleshooting steps, it would be recommended to take a video of what you’ve done/tested and submit a support ticket either by using the (support page) or by sending the support team an email (email -

If you send an email, the best thing to do would be to simply reply to the email you received when you purchased your EMO as it contains all your details and also your order number, as this is what the support team will need.

As there is not much else in terms of troubleshooting, if the support team believes your skateboard is faulty, they should be able to provide / ship you a replacement one once they have been able to confirm that it’s not functioning properly.

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