Skateboard Charger Explanation!

Hello, I am David living in Korea.

There’s a pattern on the blue light of the EMO skateboard charger. There are four patterns I’ve seen.

  1. Steady on
  2. Off
  3. Short blink
  4. Long blinking

What I’m curious about is that this light doesn’t seem to just mean charging status. Let me know if there are any other light patterns you’ve seen.

I think I should also inform the members of the online community I run.

@Wayne_Zhang Can you help me?


Here is what I know…
Steady On = Charging EMO
Off = Not Charging
Short Blinking constantly - overload

Never seen long blinking


Wayne Small, thanks for the reply.

So, is it better to take the EMO off the charger when it is overloaded?

Are you using the original wall charger or another one? The custom wall charger shouldn’t be too quick and powerful.

There are only three patterns.
Steady On = Charging EMO
Off = Not Charging
Blinking - The charging is abnormal, please put the EMO on it again


Thanks for the reply, so the blinking blue light has nothing to do with overcharging or overloading?

Emo Skateboard Charger Light Indicator Explained:

  • 3x Short Blinking Lights - After connecting the USB C power cable to the surfboard charger. (Power connection success and ready)
  • Short Blinking Constantly - Indicates Bad/Poor connection (Check EMO’s left foot and should be repositioned to the correct charging circle mark. You can also use magnetic attraction to assist in alignment.)
  • Steady Light On - Indicates Good connection and the charging process begins.
  • No Light - Power Off or Disconnected (Place Emo in the right place and observe for light indication or Check power cable connection or can mean a defective unit that needs to be replaced.)



Thank you so much!!!:+1::+1::+1::+1::relaxed:

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