Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:

Hello, @gabriel_nicu.carcium . . . the site has not been updated recently due to the Lunar New Year holiday and the LivingAI employees taking time from work as are all workers in China and other Asian countries. Please see the post above from @edward with the actual holiday celebration days. Often they take a few days off before and after the actual celebration week.

As soon as they return, normal processing will resume and the delivery page will be updated.

I thank you in advance for your patience.

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I’ve odered EMO GO HOME on 7th of February and it’s still in Processing status.
How long should I wait for an update?
And btw what does Processing status mean?

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Hi there @16ed45f7b74816641956 and welcome to the community,

What is the meaning of order processing status?

Order processing means managing and fulfilling customer orders. This process can include verifying customer information, authorizing payment, preparing goods for shipment, and tracking the order once it has been shipped.

No one can provide the exact date of delivery because every country has its delivery service system, and the speed of processing also varies.
Normally, it won’t last a month.

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Hi, I ordered EMO on the 14th of February, and it still hasn’t been dispatched. (I’m not surprised haha it hasn’t been that long) But I’ve been checking the website and the no of orders that was dispatched, hasn’t been updated in a while, so I was wondering if there’s an issue?
I ordered this as a birthday present to be delivered to Australia, so it would be amazing if it gets delivered before or on the 11th of April. Is there a possibility of it getting delayed past that date? If so is there anything you can do about it?
Order No - #90843
Thank you!

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Hi there @viduniatapattu and welcome to the community,

Due to the recent conclusion of their extended special holidays, nearly all offices in their country have been temporarily closed, resulting in delays for all orders and deliveries.

Now that all the offices have reopened and employees have returned, it’s expected that operations will gradually return to normal. They are likely to start catching up on delayed orders and are confident that they will be able to send them out as soon as possible.

Therefore, the Delivery Process of EMO Page will be resumed and updated accordingly.

I would suggest being patient and waiting to see if anything happens in the next few days.

Best regards…