Shipping and Handling

Ok. So some kind of update would be nice. Are you out of stock and building more? Is this a PS5 situation where part of the problem is the chip shortage and waiting for parts? The delivery page hasn’t been updated in a while, so either you aren’t shipping or you aren’t updating the web page. Some kind of communication would be helpful. Doesn’t take a lot of time to put an update somewhere.

$300 (after taxes, etc.) is a lot of $$$ to have wondering around with no clue on timing. Personally I would have least had the buying of the product labeled “Backordered” so we know the delivery timing is random and unknown. :confused:

Sorry to be pushy, but asking for solid communications for a fairly expensive product IMHO isn’t unreasonable.


So that’s not true with information there is every week on Saturday an update this can be found here:

I do not understand what you want to aim with this post, if you look around here in the forum have in recent days some get their EMO.

Edit: Today, due to the completion of the update for EMO and the smartphone apps, no update has been received yet.

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What exactly isn’t true? The number of tracking emails according to their own website is 8303 and hasn’t budged for days. Is that not true? The update claims the number is real time. So that says nothing has shipped in days.

“As we have completed most of the pre-order shipments, we will now try to display the processing progress in real time.“

This is the last update over a week ago. It doesn’t say a thing. No clue on why it takes so much time to ship a product. Understaffed? They aren’t build so you are still building them? Waiting on parts in a silicon shortage? Good customer service is key to keeping the masses smiling.

What exactly isn’t true. And if I am correct you are a LivingAI employee? What is the aim of your response? Coming at a customer in front of other customers? Yikes. I am a technical account manager for a very large company. I seriously can not imagine responding to one of my customers that way. I mean. Damn.


For your information I am not an employee of I am one of the testers doing all this in my spare time.

It says they are trying to show the number in real time, but I don’t think that is the case at the moment, they have been working on the new update all week, we testers have been testing it all the time and giving them feedback.

Please be patient, so far everyone has received their order. :happy:

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Believe me, the support that the company has been providing as a startup lately is something you hardly ever get from companies.


They are still a startup. Struggles are real.
You can’t expect every single point/ questions to have been anticipated/thought of to please evey single client.

I’m glad their product made it on the market - the vast majority of Kickstarters projects wouldn’t have gone that far.

Give them a few months I’m confident they will improve and expand their cu as timer service team &, support. :+1:

(I’m not a living AI employee, but I do back them up as they had a very bumpy road before launch & never gave up)


The assumption with Andy is I thought I saw him able to moderate posts. Sorry for the assumption.

In the end, they still have my $303. So expecting a little feedback IMHO isn’t obscene. Ironically a simple “we are struggling with getting chips to keep up with manufacturing for orders” would have at least been helpful. shrug

Careful. There is a small line between reasonable excusing and fanboyism. They aren’t a charity. They in the end are a for profit business.



There are a couple of us community members that are moderators. We offered to help out as we believe in the product and the company. We do so with no payment outside of the “Thank you guys” we get verbally :slight_smile: When did you place your order? Have you emailed As for people being fans of a product, that is really what you want isn’t it? raving fans over a product is way better than loads of dissatisfied ones :slight_smile:


Being a fan and a fanboy are two different things. A fanboy will defend a company no matter what it does. That’s unhealthy. Anyways. I think I won’t be getting a genuine answer to this question so I’ll just shrug my shoulders and wait.

I do get it for sure. I didn’t get a clear answer to my questions - did you email When did you place your order?

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I’ve emailed with no response. I am in the 10s.

When did you place your order?

Hi there, I guess the best thing to do is show your proof of order so that the proper Living.Ai Staff can easily locate your order…because anyone can easily say that they ordered but nothing to show something that will serve as proof…something like my image below maybe?

just my 2 cents though…

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It is not expensiv for such an Product why people always have to freak out :roll_eyes:

Ah, privileged are you? I am glad $303 is such a throwaway amount that you don’t care what happens to it. If you are so eager to give your dollars away, I could give you my Venmo and you can throw some my way. facepalm

I placed it about a week ago.

Come on Jskains , 303 dollar for a toy is cheap, we all know it :man_facepalming: :joy: just kidding.

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When will people finally Understand it is NOT an simple Toy!?

Honestly if $303 hurts you soo much why you buy EMO?


You seem to approach Life very simply. I am not sure we can have a useful conversation. I see you are a super-fan and somehow need to defend them no matter what. But some of us recognize the simple fact that my money, which I worked hard for, has left my hands to pay for a product that I have no idea when I am getting. And since it is my money, you have no say or opinion on the matter. So unless you are paying for my purchase, it’s frankly none of your business. Go be aggressive with someone else. I’m not interested in your opinions. If this post triggers you so much, you can, I don’t know, not read it?