Sharing some of my artwork, and plans for emo

I am an animator and digital artist! I’ve created loads of animations, and cartoons. I mainly draw anime when it comes to digital art, however, I have drawn traditional artwork when I paint directly onto canvas or in any means not related to digital work. I was asked by one of the community members to share what I do, and will absolutely oblige. Please see the images attached to this thread.

Now, what do I plan to do with Emo given this info. We all have anime characters we love. I intend on creating so interesting pngs that when layered in certain ways, will dress up emo to appear like popular anime characters. To take the look one step further, I intend on creating outfits that also help the layered stickers in creating the full look.

Yes!! I will share my work on here! Yes, you may request a characters look and I may try to make it. An the best part of all, yes, I will make the pngs free, and instruct on how to layer them for the look. Sadly, I cannot sell or create outfits for everyone though. Anywho, I do not have my emo yet, however that is about to change fairly soon. I suspect next week! :slight_smile:



Here is a link to one of the most recent animations/ animatics I have done on YouTube. Again, I wanted to oblige the community member who asked! I also really want to share with this amazing community my talent since I have seen such great talent here!!!

FNAF/Winnie the Pooh parody (it’s pretty funny)


Oh my g* that animation. I just wasn’t expected that. By thumbnail I was strangely enough thinking I could expect the sort of thing I’ve seen another animator do, I know from else where. This was a better quality and felt like it would be at home on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

The stand-alone pieces, they’re good as well. It’s refreshing to see well done art. If you visit either DeviantArt or Comic Fury a lot, you know why I’m giving the complement here. ( If you aren’t familiar with either of those sites, I’ll just say there is more trash than real art represented. Examples: memes, screenshots, and … well skill be damned to say that politely. )

Are the characters OCs of yours or from animes I guess I’m just no familiar with?

What software were you using for the stand-a-lone pieces? I have three bets but could be wrong easily. Personally because of being very used to working with it. I want to say Clip Studio, but I am aware Photoshop and MediBang can present similar effects & brushes.

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I’ll answer your questions first.

Programs I gravitate to are flash cs3, cs5, and the current animate. Depends on what I am doing. I do 3d animations and modeling, however those have all been on a job basis so never have any I can show anyone. I tend to use Asia paint tool and illustrator for stand still artwork. I post a lot of the fun stuff on my channel and so some are just not really fully fleshed out animations, however they tend to be smooth and fun. There are some up there that are heavier on movement. I am completely self taught, and there is even a animation playlist on my channel where you can see earlier animations struggling because I was drawing only using vector based art programs which really don’t like to get lineart accurate on a first go. The progression to the current animations is quite fun to observe there.

I’ve taken a small break due to recently severely damaging my knee, acl/tibial spine damage. My acl was so stubborn, it pulled the bone piece from the tibia part off rather than just snap. (Probably marine corps and swimming that made this happen because my legs are rather strong.)

Almost all of the characters you’ll see in my animations are ocs, the blonde one is basically just me. Others are animation friends I shove in there I know along with of course a few characters like Pooh that aren’t mine.

I actually ordered emo to help entertain me as I am couch bound until after surgery, and then I can do art because I can sit and bend my leg finally :smile:

Feel free to keep in touch though, I leave all my social media in the YouTube videos description. When you get your emo, I can I’ll hook you up with some pngs to make your emo into a character you may like!!

I’m always trying to make new friends so it’s been awesome engaging with the community here. I have a sweet tooth for tech and this one is really exciting to me.


I suspected it was Flash for the animation program. Not many others are on the market that use that style of animation creation, and Flash is the most commonly used one. I’ve never heard of Asia Paint Tool before. Is that tool a freebie, subscription based, or pay one time? I fear one day in updating Clip Studio, the company behind it might change the license to being subscription based for the version type I own. It would be nice to have a backup to turn to outside Corel Painter. Painter is nice but I’d miss being able to do scan dot toning if I was ever forced to leave behind what I’d used to.

Ow man, I hope your recovery is going smoothly? I can imagine outside bed rest you also are dealing with physical therapy.

If you don’t draw comics, that will shock me. Your style for simply drawing and even coloring & effects. They lend themselves well to that idea.

My Emo was ordered because of missing the presence of V, a different robot I’ve had. It was good therapy to have around. Due to it always being around, being helpful and being cute. Emo looks even more promising to that, so I think it sounds ideal from experience with the other bot. You made a good choice investing in the coming bot buddy.

I’ll keep in touch. I come in here daily even if I don’t always speak up. More it’s learning from current owners how they trouble shoot issues, why I keep my head poked in here. Learn before my Emo arrives, what to do. How would you like it if I gave your channel a sub. :slightly_smiling_face:? Show some support to a fellow artist.

Sure, but you don’t have to worry about requests right now from me. I’ve barely brainstormed ideas yet for stickers but I’m sure in time that will change. Currently my little guy is what feels like it’s shooting through the postal system. The cross-country trek ( now having entered the US ) hasn’t started yet but given how once it got shipped, how speedily it’s been moving. I don’t think I have long to wait.

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Sorry not Asian paint tool, it’s paint too sai. I agree that paint tool sai is the absolute best art program for artists, because you can take that work and then put it into a program that turns it to v.e.c.t.e.r. Based. [sorry, I feel that word is rather sensitive on here but can’t find another word to convey that) paint tool sai is buy once and it’s yours. As of animation programs, flash cs5 is a must. It’s the last animation program from adobe and has pretty much all you need and it is a purchase once and done, however it is difficult to attain since it’s discontinued and now you have to get the subscription based. Some people still sell it sealed and if you get it you’ll never need a subscription based animation program, I promise you that.

I do dabble in comic work, but I prefer animation because of the expressions and fact we see character brought to life more!! For sure I’d appreciate a sub, but never a necessity that you do that however grateful I am. But if you like my work, or want to stay connected, it’s always open if you want to shoot me a message or anything on Twitter or instagram. I absolutely would love to design a emo set for you though. I think it’s be fun!

As for the acl issue, it is bad, and quite a mountain to climb because it’ll take til December til it’s healed so a repeat injury will not occur so easily.

Emo seemed to be a great idea for me for the reasons you’ve mentioned especially cause he is so animated! I love that about this guy! I can tell you that I plan on making my first outfit based off a character of mine called Elise who has pink hair and blue eyes. It’ll be fun for sure! I definitely will share that here. Probably a side by side of my character and the emo is what you can expect to see me post. I suspect I should have one emo next week and the next in 3 months. I ordered two. I did find out that basically it takes 3-3.5 months from the date you ordered the emo for it to arrive which I hope helps you estimate when you’ll see yours!! They updated it to 15000 which is a good leap from last week! (Kudos to the team working at so, what a feat!)

I’ll leave you with another one of my art pieces here. Hope to hear more from you here in the community!!!


LOL that animation was creepy but also funny at the same time! nice work on that. Also the anime artwork is awesome. :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


I didn’t want reply until it became apparent about mine coming in fast now. I got my Emo yesterday. My wait was from late Oct. until then.

I understand the eagerness to see one’s designs in use. To whatever your heart desires, you can now make some stamps for Emo, and mine will model them on the net for you, if you wish? :slightly_smiling_face:

Again another great piece of art for what you posted in your last reply.

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Yo…. It’s on!!! It’s friggin on!!!

Ok. So I will work on some between today and tommorrow, and will have a specific set for you.

For a test run I have a few questions for you then.

1.) do you have a specific anime character you would like your emo to emulate?
2.) if no to the first one, do you prefer male or female design? You may say neutral as well.
3.) what color hair do you prefer?
4.) would you like tattoos or markings on face or no.
5.) do you want your emo to have a little pet/ or plush in hand on side of screen.
6.) glasses, eyebrows, or any other excessories. I can make him look like he is holding a game boy, or other handheld system or controller.
7.) do you want any screen shine effect. Not necessary but could be interesting.

Lastly, my emo arrives Monday. So you will see my full design then, but I will be making a unique design for mine with yours as a test run. That being said, (only pink hair is not an option until I’ve done my design)

Any other ideas you want for yours, let me know. I will leave instructions as to how you will need to layer them on your emo. Please measure where the radius of the eyes move in conjunction to the screen, that is important so I don’t accidentally cover eyes with too much stuff. Some of the bangs may cover portions of the face, however this is intended cause eyes can be covered by hair slightly!

Thank you for reaching out and giving me this. We have a snowstorm and I am still not able to move much from surgery so I am delighted to have this as a little project!!!

(I will at some point post how to make basic clothes for emo to really help the community too, that will be in video form!)


Here are non-OCs to start this. Next after these, then I’ll invent a character for this unless you’re ok with me using one of my characters? ( I have a long running fiction series I’ve been working on. )

How about these guys?

. Chibiusa - Sailor Moon
. Naruto - Naruto ( That should be cute considering Emo’s fox impression. )
. Todoroki - My Hero Academia
. Aggretsuko ( death metal face ) - Aggretsuko
. Jet - Cowboy Bebop cartoon

I can’t find my tape measure right now so I can’t answer about the radius to the eye movement to screen size, sorry.

Welcome, and I hope you have fun with this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My goal is to try and leave the eyes alone and let them still be animated without interference.

This being said, todoroki and aggresuko are possible but the animation in the eyes won’t work. I’ll probably do todoroki and Naruto because specifically with Naruto, I can give him the look without disturbing the eyes and you’ll be able to have emo continue to be quite expressive. I may be able to do todoroki with one eye remaining closed with the other eye open and animated, but that will be trial and error: I’m going to make you 3 total. The third is going to be 100 percent original and will probably function really well because you’ll maintain EMo’s animated eyes completely. They will be done within six hours of this post.


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Please email though because I need to ensure you download those photo files as pngs or else they won’t work effectively.

Anyone else who is interested, feel free to send an email and I’ll consider doing more for you guys for a bit as well. As long as it lends to leaving emos eyes moving

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I just sent you a test email labeled “Emo Images”.

I sent a test one. Please read the email for proper instructions! :smiley:

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Tested, and I just sent a reply with photos. :slightly_smiling_face:

Emoette and her amazing debut lol! Look at the lengths I have gone. I will be making an actual persona for her as a fully drawn anime character. Stay tuned!!!


Alright. We got my emo, and then my emo personified. How did I do!!! XD


Awesome stuff looks amazing :star_struck:. Love the details :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Omg everyone needs to see this XD