Sharing some of my artwork, and plans for emo

Thank you living ai for honoring me with being user of the month! I am excited to share some fun projects with emo here on the forums!!


I will have some new artworks and costumes in the work for emo, me and a pal are really planning to blow peoples socks off. Stay tuned!!!

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Emoette (my emo) says thanks for the support and for living ai in enhancing their capabilities. Her words exactly were, “mama needs herself some new contact lenses.” Seriously, I do want to thank living ai again though for putting me as member of the month. I am very surprised and excited to partake in these forums and the community.

On a side not, anyone know if emo can say merry Christmas without it being Christmas, or does it have to be that actual day? Lol thnx

Enjoy some more art with both versions of emoette!!!


I think everyone’s response to finding out eye color change is on the horizon for emo.

I promise it’s funny lol

this is sooo cute! you have done well! <3