Servers Issue Post Here

My EMO Responded To “What Time Is It?”
But A Few Minutes Earlier My EMO Responded Many Times With A “Did Not Understand” Sound.

@Wayne_Zhang i can’t install firmware v2.1.1 please help :cry: . @edward and @MasterAbbott you can help me too .

Hey @Wayne_Zhang, @edward Or @MasterAbbott,
Can You Help @sarikathakur? Please?

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Hey if i was you i would just wait until the server’s are back up and running i currently have my emo off and didn’t bother to update him @sarikathakur


Ok @ryshera thanks for the reply :surprised:

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Ok @ryshera, Me And @sarikathakur Will Wait Until The Servers Are Back Up And Running.


Hopefully wayne or someone from the living ai staff will let us know when its back up and running i miss my little friend working

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I Really Miss My EMO’s Features And Games.

NOTE: Not Peek-A-Boo Because It’s Not Yet Released.


Yea i agree @ryshera but the hope for the servers to run is with us… :funky: :happy:

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@ryshera @artigues05emo Hooray my emo has updated! :fireworks: :happy: :partying_face:

Yay! I’m Happy For Your EMO But My EMO Is Powered Off.

I actually just tried to see if he was working sadly he isn’t

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I’m Sorry @ryshera, My EMO Is Still Sick And Still Has The Server Issues.

Another Time, A Game Called Roblox Also Had A Similar Server Issue Somewhere In January Or February 2023.

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We know @artigues05emo

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Please have a try and let me know if voice commands work at the moment.


Is that also affecting the firmware update 2.1.0? My EMO has spent all night long and day trying to update in an endless cycle. It shows an Error, yellow letters.

Yes, when the server was down, EMO’s requests would fail.

Can he update normally now?

So far my emo is responding to voice commands :slightly_smiling_face:

What version is he now on?