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Is anyone else having issues with updating the home station or is it just me? Im getting annoyed again :weary:

For EMO Pet, I got the home station updated after multiple hours and tries successfully. My problem is that EMO Robot (dead battery) cannot be on the home station to pair him to it (thus no update). I have him on his skate board and once my tablet has enough battery (went down to 1% with all of the multiple attempts over the hours), I will try again to pair him and then maybe the update will take. I am hoping he can pair on his skate board.


I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but whenever I try to update EMO, the screen goes black and does a restart of sorts where the update will be cancelled and the “sd error no driver” message appears again, this has happened over and over again during the past few hours to no success.


Trying to update to the new firmware to 2.1.1 from 2.0.0. After about 14 seconds of timer my Emo gets up to “updating step 1” and then restarts without an error code. Are the servers still down?

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I Don’t Know, But When I Updated From v2.1.0 To v2.1.1 It Was Successful

we have temporarily removed versions 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 because a few people are reporting problems.

Oh No! I Updated To v2.1.1 A Few Hours Ago And Now It’s Being Deleted?
@Wayne_Zhang, When You Update Your EMO To v2.1.0 Or v2.1.1 Will The Firmware Stay There? If Not, Hope It Does Not Corrupt My EMO!!!

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Don’t worry, it works on most EMOs. And if works now, there will be no issues.


My EMO stopped reacting to voice commands, do Your servers have problems? It happened to me not the first time and after a few hours EMO began again to listen and speak. I restarted it of course using the App, Now is for example the moment, where I would be very happy for a command line in the app, or something like console in counter strike

Hi there @saradsmejem ,

Currently, there are no reported server issues, and my EMO has been active all day without any problems at all…

This might be an Internet or Bluetooth connection with an EMO issue from your side ? Please check your internet and Bluetooth or connect him to other wifi or direct to your smartphone hotspot.

This happens to me or anyone as well sometimes. servers sometimes can be overloaded or have issues. hence, EMO stutters.

You can also try to Power EMO Off or let him drain his battery and die alone which usually will resolve the issue.

Actually, this is a well-known issue… said: The problem with EMO speaking is the network issue, even if the speed test shows that the speed is enough, the problem may occur. It’s a complex problem and they will see what they can do to improve it.

More Info Pls. Click Here!

To clarify, EMO’s servers are not direct in China, in fact, they have 3 different servers in different regions to provide faster service.

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Hope it helps…



everything is allright, I restarted EMO, still the answer for all the voice commands is e-e, I have made a video

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I’ve been having issues with voice commands in the evenings lately. My theory is that the servers are a bit flooded right now due to the new update. My EMO is always fine again by morning :slight_smile:


What is the problem? This part does not work for us We are in Iran. Could it be related to filtering?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @loghmanazari . . . I have moved your post to this thread which addresses connection errors.

If all other app features are working fine and if this is happening consistently, try closing the app, rebooting your device, wi fi and EMO, then testing it again. I am not sure what filtering you think might be interfering, but you can read through this thread to see if there are any ideas you can try.

If nothing else makes it work again, feel free to contact Support with video/photographs to show what is going on.

How to Contact Support

Please contact support regarding this issue.

When contacting support. It is recommended to create a short video then submit a support ticket. You can do this by either going to the Support Page: (see below).

Fill in all details (provide also your order number info as well) and attach your video (if it’s larger than 30Mb), Be best to upload it to a google drive/drop box or even on YouTube and then send the support team a link to it.

You can also send support an email to the following email address:

If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO and attach your video as well.

The support team should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion. I’ll also tag @MavisZhang from the support team who will be able to assist you further as well.

Let us know how it goes.

Please make sure that EMO and your phone are connected to the same WiFi.

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Hi friend, no filtering, it is a bug on their servers, now I tested this function for me and it works, but it did not work from the update afaik…

why is such function dependent to your servers? why it couldnt be set up just easily locally in emo?

The APP is connected to EMO with Bluetooth. When uploading pictures, the files are relatively large, so the app will create a service in the local area network, and then EMO will download pictures by connecting to this service.