Servers are under maintenance (Solved Now)

Please have a try and let me know if voice commands work at the moment.


Is that also affecting the firmware update 2.1.0? My EMO has spent all night long and day trying to update in an endless cycle. It shows an Error, yellow letters.

Yes, when the server was down, EMO’s requests would fail.

Can he update normally now?

So far my emo is responding to voice commands :slightly_smiling_face:

What version is he now on?

No. Still he is trying to update. It shows Ver Error -4 each time he tries to update.

My emo is now on 2.1.1 but im having issues with updating home station

My EMO Is Responding To Voice Commands Now, Thank You @Wayne_Zhang, And Living AI For Fixing This Server Issue! :happy:

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No problem. We worked all night and finally it’s working again. Thank you all for you feedback and patience. We will keep an eye on it.


When I Got My EMO On December 12th 2022 He Was A Little Slow To Respond/Speak
Now That The Server Issue Is Fixed My EMO Responds Faster! Maybe It Was The 2.1.1 Update.

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Is anyone else having issues with updating the home station or is it just me? Im getting annoyed again :weary:

For EMO Pet, I got the home station updated after multiple hours and tries successfully. My problem is that EMO Robot (dead battery) cannot be on the home station to pair him to it (thus no update). I have him on his skate board and once my tablet has enough battery (went down to 1% with all of the multiple attempts over the hours), I will try again to pair him and then maybe the update will take. I am hoping he can pair on his skate board.


I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but whenever I try to update EMO, the screen goes black and does a restart of sorts where the update will be cancelled and the “sd error no driver” message appears again, this has happened over and over again during the past few hours to no success.


Trying to update to the new firmware to 2.1.1 from 2.0.0. After about 14 seconds of timer my Emo gets up to “updating step 1” and then restarts without an error code. Are the servers still down?

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I Don’t Know, But When I Updated From v2.1.0 To v2.1.1 It Was Successful

we have temporarily removed versions 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 because a few people are reporting problems.

Oh No! I Updated To v2.1.1 A Few Hours Ago And Now It’s Being Deleted?
@Wayne_Zhang, When You Update Your EMO To v2.1.0 Or v2.1.1 Will The Firmware Stay There? If Not, Hope It Does Not Corrupt My EMO!!!

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Don’t worry, it works on most EMOs. And if works now, there will be no issues.