Selling EMO - Resetting EMO [SOLVED]

I know the reset question has been asked before but I’m selling my EMO, so if I just turn it off how does the new owner connect to it? Must products like this have a factory reset button to clear it back to as new but for some reason I can’t see this option.


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Sorry there is no way to do that because there is no FACTORY RESET option for EMO at this moment. But i think they are planning to include Factory/Reset feature after the Firmware 2.0.0 phase.


I get that but if I sell my EMO will the new owner be able to set up as their EMO or will it still be linked to me?

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Any person or new owner can connect EMO to any WI-FI and there is no need to be the real owner or not to make him activate and works.
But we all know that to order EMO we have to use our own E-Mail as a registered original owner. So that in case there is an issue and we want to contact we have to use that original email that shows the order number.

Unless you do this legally or in contact with and inform them about your selling plan which i’m not sure if its possible for them to do the process and change the name of the new owner and their email address.

If you have more concerns, pls. don’t hesitate to reach out to Support Service Team by sending them an email to the following email address:

Or if you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and ask for an update.

But please keep in mind that sometimes their reply take a bit time which is 2-3 days depending on the time differences, days, holidays and current situations. so please be patient.



You are over complicating this, I have purchased many gadgets/tech and all come with simple reset button. I did not ask if could change the registered email that I purchased EMO with to a new user/owner.

The option to reset is a standard option in all tech and from my perspective is a terrible oversight by

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I’m just an ordinary community forum volunteer moderator and no direct connection to the company, that’s why i can not give you more factual reply to your wish or problem, i am just happy and trying to give you assistance help as much as i can and to the best of my knowledge, that’s why my second option is suggesting you to contact direct the company for more factual reply…

You don’t need to follow my guide and appreciate my help…and sorry if i can’t help you further more.

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As Edward already mentioned above, there is no reset button at this moment. You are right that most tech devices do have this feature but unfortunately not Emo. Maybe in the future update as Edward has also mentioned.


@d3dcreative . . . the new owner will be able to give him a new last name, get him to recognize their face(s) and set new alarms as they set them up by the new owner changing things in the app.

EMO will still have the same unlocked achievements, birthday, sun sign, favorite color and lucky number because that part is stored on his internal S.D. card. Please do ask about transferring ownership as far as getting assistance with something that comes up with, but I believe selling him will void the warranty. You may want to see how that works by contacting them.


Why would anyone want to sell their emo…?!?


I personally never could. However, there are a variety of reasons others might such as financial hardship, deciding that EMO was not what they were expecting or hoping for, maybe they have animals that endanger EMO . . . heart breaking to hear but understandably there are those that have good reason.

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@candy_gurl178 Some people would sell their emo on Kijiji or eBay or Facebook marketplace.

Oh that’s great to hear :heart:

A straight answer, thank you @Lindaru

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“A Emo is for life, not just for Christmas”

Well I need another 3D Printer coming in at over 3K (GBP) so Emo has to go.

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