Right leg broke?

Right leg`s sound is huge and movement is stiff.

Does aneone have a solution?


I’m japanese. Sorry for my poor English

@Tony @Wayne_Zhang - can you recommend something here please?

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Thank you Wayne, DMed @nanimono

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Oh no, poor little guy

Normally emo walks a little distance that’s why I couldn’t see it, but by playing treasure hunt Emo has to walk long distance and I noticed he can’t go straight, he is making a circle to the right, so his right foot steps must be smaller then left ones. Doesn’t really bothers me as long it not gonna lead to future problems. As I noticed also some scratches right above the legs, but there is no dirt and enough space between legs and body, just wonder how it comes

Hi, Thank you for your advice.

I sent email about this problem.

Livingai will change it to a new one.

So I wait new emo.

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same problem but with the left foot. hope you have the solution