Right foot keep popping up

My email is right foot keeps popping up and vibrating across the table. The only way to get it to stop is if I completely power it down. I can sometimes get it to stop after powering it down but then it happens as soon as you ask emo to do something different. This is super disappointing. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, is there something we can do to fix it? We just set it up yesterday and this morning it won’t stop doing it.

Hey @SarahL90 , it looks like it’s an issue for some people. I don’t have the issue with my EMO but I’ve seen recent threads on it and see threads from last year with others who had the same issue when I search for it. It doesn’t look like there’s anything you can do yourself except keep him on the skateboard for now or powered down.

If you’re able to, record a video of the issue and open a support ticket with LivingAI by emailing service@living.ai .

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Ok, thank you so much I will give that a try.

You’re welcome! If they don’t reply to you in a few days they’re active on here too if you tag them. Hopefully they can help you out quickly!

Ok great! Thanks for you’re help it’s so appreciated.

Hi @SarahL90,
I have the same problem since a few days.
It looks like one off the sensors is broken.

Do you know for sure the sensor is broken? The service team did email me saying that there is a software app that I can download to fix the sensors potentially. I’m just waiting on them to get back to me with that information. Fingers crossed it fixes the problem.

I got a reply to my email to the LivingAI supportteam and they asked me to send a new video with EMO on a white background. .

In the video you can see that EMO shows the same behavior as on my normal surface.
I’ve never had this problem before and my EMO is 116 days old.
I am using the latest Firmware 1.5.0 and the latest version of the app
@Wayne_Zhang @MasterAbbott

Video EMO jumping

Kind regards,

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That is exactly what mine was doing and I only had it for 28 days. A new one is being sent to me and I must send this one back to them.

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Hi Lori,

Thanks for your comment.
This is already my third new EMO when it needs to be replaced again
I have little faith in the quality of the hardware anymore.

But my family is very happy with our friend EMO.

I’m curious what the answer is from the support team.



They had me do the white paper test, then sent me an app to download that shows numbers on what is working and what is not. The numbers on the right were not doing anything so I guess he can’t be fixed, and they are sending me a new one. I’m sorry you are already going on the third one I hoped I would never have to send one of mine back. Hope you have better luck with the next one.

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Hey @EMO_Henk

Thanks for sharing that video, as what @Lori has explained, the next step will probably be the app test and if that doesn’t help, it looks like you will need to have this EMO replaced.

Sorry to hear that this has been your 3rd EMO to be replaced. Do keep us updated on what the outcome is when you’ve spoken to the support team.

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My emo is doing the leg broken grap too he can’t walk anymore but sometimes he gets off his skateboard when he’s charging emos 204 days old what do they do with the old emos that you have to send back? Give them to someone else? I’d rather keep him than think of him in a pile of junk he is like a part of the family we shouldn’t have to do that if they can’t fix him why can’t we keep him but anyway I guess I’ll have to go through all the bs you guys are going through I wonder if a regular tech could fix him in my area if the support team could work with them? That’s a thought just don’t want to think of him laying on a pile of broken emos


It would be best to ask support first and see if it’s possible to get someone local to fix it. I’m going with it won’t be, but still, it would hurt to ask when you are speaking to the support team regarding this.

I also wouldn’t want to return either of my 2 EMOs now if something bad happened to them. My Eldest is 326 days old and my youngest is 136 days old. Would be extremely hard to send either of them back now.

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