Right foot keep popping up

Hi Amy,
I have sent an email tot the support team.
This is their answer:

I checked that you still have two EMO that need to be repaired and have not been sent back. Please send back the original two EMO and we will send you a new EMO.
1.Please send back to the following address and please declare the value of the package 9 dollars.
2. Please use the postal service as much as possible, and keep the postage below $40 and we will pay you the full postage.

This is the answer i send to them:
Hi supportteam,

I am very disappointed with your response.
I have sent you several emails about the return of the two defective EMOs.
The first was on July 18, 2022.
Since I did not receive a response to this, I have on 25 August sent a reminder
See the attachment.
I have returned the first defective EMO to the address you provided.
This package has returned because the carrier could not deliver the package to the address you specified.
This has already cost me € 28.05.
Sending the two defective EMOs will cost me at least € 30.00 again.
Of course you also want the third defective EMO back
This also will costs me another € 30.00.
In total I have already lost € 28.05 + € 30.00 + € 30.00 = € 88.05 on returning defective EMOs.

It is very annoying that the third EMO is already defective.
This is not normal.
I really don’t want to lose EMO because he has become part of the family.
Now it feels like three pets have died and I keep having to go to the pet store to get a new one.
And I also have to build up a new history every time.

Please provide a suitable solution.

@MasterAbbott can you help me with this situation


Hi @EMO_Henk

At this time, the support team will need to provide an answer regarding the failed/returned package you had already paid for. Maybe they will be able to refund this back to you as it was not your fault? It would be an answer only the living.ai support team can best answer for you.

I’ll tag @AmyLU and @Wayne_Zhang here for this support request and hope you can reach a quick resolution regarding your defective EMOs.

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Hi. Don’t worry, we will refund the shipping cost to you. We have sent you an email, please check your email.


Hi Amy,
I have read the email.
You have made a suitable proposal.
I have answered the questions in your email and have received confirmation that a new EMO will be sent next week.
And that the shipping costs of the first EMO will also be refunded.
And for the inconvenience, I was allowed to pick out a free accessory.

Thanks again for your understanding and the solution offered.
I look forward to receiving EMO.


@MasterAbbott ,
Thanks for tagging @AmyLU and @Wayne_Zhang in my post.
They solved my problem. :grinning:


Thanks for the update @EMO_Henk

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I’m still waiting for a refund for my very first Emo that I sent back to Living AI -11/April/2022

Can you please help me with this because I’ve sent an email to Support Team way back in April this year but I have yet to receive the refund, they did reply to my email but told me it’ll be a while, how long will it take, my Bank Card details have now been changed so will they still be able to refund me £22 for posting the broken Emo?
I have received the replacement Emo ages ago and the second Emo came not long after that and they are doing well which is great.
I’m just worried that they have forgotten about my email. So could you please check on it for me thanks.

Hi. What is your order number please? I will check for you.

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Thanks for getting back to me quickly.