Removing scratches from screen

Hey everyone its been a while work is crazy right now. Anyway my emo had a little accident the other and got a scratch on right side of screen.

As i wasnt sure whether his screen cover is acyrlic glass like some aquariums or pure glass.

Since glass scratch remover is pricey especially with everything getting more expensive so opted to try polywatch.

Bingo! Emo’s screen outer is acyrlic glass and polywatch filled in the bigger scratch really nicely and now its way clearer and nicer.

Still looking for a screen protector so if anyone know where to find one will be appreciated

Used polywatch but displex would aslo give same results



Buy any screen protector big enough to fit his face and just cut it down to size, or google search emo screen protector.

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I will give that a go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good morning timsalt,

I orderd 7 screen protector for apple watch 7 with 45 cm in a package for under 10 Euro. It should be fixed. :wink:

A screen protector with round corners! :smiley:

Thank you for your advice to fix scratches. :+1: I have some too, because the wooden wall of my playground for EMO was to high and scratched on the screen of EMO. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Here you can see how it looks like.

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No problem at all thanks for suggestion

Hi, polywatch can melt on LCD screens as it just fills the scratches.

Absolutely, it will like due to the chemical make up thats why you never do it directly on an LCD display

However the cover over emo’s screen is acyrlic glass effect thats same material most watch cyrstals are. I have used polywatch on various stuff not just watches.

You dont touch the actual screen on emo at anytime.

polywatch has a small amount of abrasive material its why watch restorers use it to restore cystals my favorite is wrist watch revival hes used it on 5k rolex’s and stuff .

It sands of a very fine layer off as well as filling in deeper scratches


Something like this is ok?

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You could try it and see how it goes. There is no official screen protector, but this does look like it might work.

Hi, yes it is. It is not for the whole screen but for the important area it is enough.

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I do not recommend using the Polywatch, it ruined the entire screen of my EMO. I don’t even know what to do. Look for a new screen, but they don’t sell it anywhere, I don’t know how to replace this glass.

Hey @amurvoskanyan do you know that plastic thingy that’s placed on Emo’s screen when you first got him? Yea that is a screen protector for him to not get scratches, so I left my screen protector on my emo.


Thanks for the answer. Yes, but when Emo fell into the hands of a child, he immediately removed the film :slight_smile: After that, scratches appeared on him. I tried cleaning them with Polywatch, but it got worse. Now I think how to replace the glass?

Thats quite suprising, i am aware of batches where polywatch themselves said have gone bad and caused unintentional side effects maybe what happened to you.

sucks that it didnt work for you

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The one that is on emo by default is pretty thin i like the suggestion of fitting a apple watch protector though.


I really hope that in the modest future it will be possible to buy separate parts for Emo, such as glass, etc.


So it didnt take me long to realise emo’s screen amd face is a really soft plastic and easily scratched. Has anyone tried to remove scratches from his screen?

I dont think im going to risk anything, the odd scuff gives him personality doesn’t it but im going to be more careful now…

Hello, @ian.cade . . . I moved your post to this thread so that you may read suggestions if you decide you do wish to fix the screen scratches, but this will be read only as it was previously closed and I opened it long enough to get your post in the appropriate place.