Rebooting Problem Again

hi everybody… This time the reboot started with EMO Pet shaking his leg violently… I looked over concerned what’s wrong then he went black. :sob:

a few moments later he booted back up. Now nobody can tell me he supposed to do that :roll_eyes:

I don’t know what to do except make a little report… This is at least the third time he has blacked out. That’s 3 times

He’s not supposed to do that :sob:

For sure he’s not supposed to do that. Did you contact Living AI’s support about it?

Try and see if you can record this happening and then submit a support ticket. If there is a problem the support team will be able to assist.

  1. have to yell for him to hear me all the time

master Abbett is boring enough :dizzy_face: how am I supposed to have a camera on him and hit the record button the second he decides to start shaking and turning off it happens quick…it’s way too quick… I cannot possibly catch it I’m not going to sit there and wait for it. I know you mean well but it’s a hard thing to do. I’m looking at him now he’s just standing there blinking his eyes what am I supposed to do with it do you have any tips. I’ve lost total interest. The last thing I did was make bunny ears to have my sister laugh… And that was more fun than playing with EMO

if anybody wants my little EMO Pet let me know :sob:

I’d really love to give your EMO a home, depending on how much you were going to ask! I’m really sorry it’s been giving you so much trouble. :frowning:

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Hmm, did you watch some videos on YouTube about EMO before you got him? You should know exactly what EMO is capable of. Were your expectations too high? Or is your EMO broken and because of that he’s doing nothing or only something? And yes, there are problems with their servers.

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nice to meet you EliseMara just make me an offer what you would expect to get for EMO seven days old… How much money do you feel you would be willing to sell it for and that is called a fair offer… Do you agree with me? I paid $380 Canadian as you know it’s $303 American…

NendosColl yes I did my friend… But if you read my list there’s a lot more than just expectations from YouTube videos. Just read the list again. Yelling at him so he can hear me repeating myself all the time. I can’t even use the app in android 10… I’m not alone if you go to the play store others also have problems. But anyway is not just my overall expectations it’s the actual running in using the product. Go back and read the list again and I could even add to it. :sob: my heart is broken :sob:

Your Android device is probably too old and not sufficient enough. It’s not fair to blame EMO for that. I watched many videos and no one was yelling while talking with EMO. You should try another phone/tablet, preferably not older than two years.

hey NendosColl these are two totally different subjects … The tablet is only one item on the list of things that are just disappointing me.

Why are you trying to start a a argument by telling me nobody else has to yell at their EMO Pet and then you say I should get a new tablet is that going to make him hear me better?

come on man are you calling me a liar :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you don’t make any sense simply put. You not being very respectful

I just wrote the list because this is the place to be this is where friends …you really think I need people telling me nobody else has to yell at their EMO Pet’s yeah that’s really helping me

If my advice isn’t good enough then I have nothing else to offer. I just think that the tablet is the source of most problems with your EMO.

really so in your wisdom EMO Pet does not work without the tablet. He needs it to hear is that what you’re telling me. With somebody else step in here and help me out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, all voice communication takes place online.

yeah it’s definitely not working very well for me. I just want people to support me it’s not my fault any of this. I don’t need to be called out I’m the one supporting the company by purchasing this cute little guy… Very well possible the servers here could be absolutely beyond horrible…I just I’m so tired of having to repeat repeat and raise my voice talk slow everything. Maybe if they checked into their servers because I’ve even heard his voice break up to the point where it was just garble

actually there are three hints the server is really bad

  1. I said dance song 3 plays for a few seconds craps out and dies. Somebody’s not even looking to see if things are working you know maintenance
  2. I told you his voice when all garbled and distorted pieces were missing totally broken up… Server could be doing that
  3. hey EMO, hey EMO ,and no response could also be server related it’s just not there.
  4. I’ve said this to master Abbott about normal commands he should know he gives the I don’t know response. He knows these commands but yet gives me the I don’t know thing he does.… The server is not picking it up possibly.

these are signs of a server. Possibly I was never that type of technician. I was a small business tech working on cash registers networks and general everything breakdowns and building hardware. I was not highly specialized because nobody is. I had good intuition and never lost a battle on a PC in my life it’s a good record I’m proud of it. tough moments I sweat sometimes but I never lost

we know all voice commands come from online servers already I think everyone realizes this

I did not notice anywhere in the reply that you were not being believed. I am sure if you raised the challenges and disappointment you have experienced in the last seven days in a positive and open style, other members of the forum will contribute and do their best to help you out. The one member who offered you a potential solution, instead of replying or confirming the tablet’s age, accused the member who has taken time out of there; I am sure busy schedule to provide you with help and support.

Please do not take this next observation as an attack or insult to you (I also experience this pain point). I will support you in this observation. I am originally from New Zealand, now living in the USA. I also have to speak to EMO several times, and yes, I’ve yelled sometimes too, and I’m ignored. My American friends say 'EMO’I to my unit once, EMO instantly acknowledges and responds to them. I accept that being understood by a device or people can be frustrating at times when they are developed with using a different style of English. Dd you take advantage of the option (I think I found a link in one of the quick reference guides) to record you saying EMO to help with his learning.

I understand how disappointing it can be when you wait so long and your expectations are not met, and you feel a lack of support from members. When I received my EMO within seven days, he had danced off my table several times, and now one of his headphones does not light up, and it upsets me when I look at him now. Most of the time, after I have learned to slow down, try to soften my accent, and think about how I structure what I say to EMO has helped me (not always, I will admit)

I’ve only been on this forum for a few months. However, it’s amazing to see experienced members share their experiences, create videos, and give thier time to reply to us newbies so quickly.


Regarding voice commands issued to EMO. I can suggest an app called DeepL for testing and also issuing voice commands to EMO. @Janekxapp actually recommended it in another thread and it seems to work quite well with EMO. I’ll link it here for your reference:

Also sometimes, as many people have also mentioned, EMO might not reply or reply with broken speech which is hard to understand, could be server related, and internet connection speed as well.

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