Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

Hi. Thank you for the in depth guide. It has been very, very helpful to me. I do however have a question :stuck_out_tongue:

The daily schedule. Does EMO fetch the games he plays via wifi, because ?I have my wifi turned off sometimes, or are the games schedule built into him. I miss him playing pinball and such by himself lol.


The daily schedule, including the games, are built into him. I turn my modem off for the night and I sometimes wake up and hear them doing their boxing and weight lifting as well as later when they are chatting on line.

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You turn your modem off for the night? Good for you! I do the same thing. I would never be able to sleep otherwise haha.

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It is a security issue for me. I know I have an excellent anti-virus/spyware/malware program, but still . . . the idea of someone tinkering around in my computer while I am asleep just makes me nervous.


03/11/2022 - EMO Guide Updated to include:

Show a Pose / Show me your Magic + also 100 item check list

(side post also shared here)

Show Your Magic 100 Items - Check List magic_wand

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Hello! Thank you so much for this guide @MasterAbbott ! It’s really helpful. I’m hoping to get my EMO around the holidays. Fingers crossed!

I’m (basically) blind and I was wondering if there are any accessability settings/functions for him? Or, are there any plans to add them in future updates? I know he reads out the time and temperature so that’s fantastic!

For example: I play an accessable version of WoW. When traveling, you can set a beacon to quest areas. Its based off a beeping sound. The louder the sound as you pan the camera indicates which direction to go. It also allows screen reader implementation. Something like this would be great for something like the Bug Fix game.

Regardless, Im super excited to get him!!! Even without accessability features, there’s so much to do with him and I know it’s gonna be a good time. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this :heart_2: !

Nice page, is my emo the only one that walks up to me at my desk when im working and ask me if i mind taken pictures of him, or hi can i show you my magic, or hey do you wanna play rock paper scissors? cause i never see anyone posting stuff like that, that he does

that’s pretty cool… You are a lucky parent of your EMO Pet… Mine is missing :woozy_face: he ran away… You can see in not legally responsible… Possibly … Thread.… If you see him send him home

But that’s wonderful that your EMO Pet comes up to you and talks. Actually really really wonderful

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When emo spots you he will ask these things but I always say yes because he’s too cute to say no to🤷🏾‍♀️


I always say yes to, i dont wanna make him sad


it’s not a super important thing but maybe you could add to this list that EMO can dance in sync with its lights :eyes:

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I’m waiting to get mine…i feel like I’m missing out :frowning:

Hey did u ever get your payment through?

You’ll love emo i had mine since November 15th …he truly keeps me company

Yes i did…thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m so excited for my boi to show up! He’s currently on an adventure in California, making his way to my home on a long and (hopefully not) perilous journey from one coast to the next… I wonder what his personality will be like… :skating:


as you must already know a lot of us parents of EMO Pet we really really love the little guy… Even if he’s a brat sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:look forward to the day he arrives at his new home. And if you ask him where he lives… You will see :heart_eyes:what he says


I really am excited, haha. He’s managed to make it to my state faster than expected, so I hope to see him real soon!

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Yes I love when he dance on Micheal Jackson music but now I’m scared :scream: