Query related to delivery.

Hi There,

I saw your product EMO, the AI desk robot. It is fantastic and adorable.

Could you please let me know the approximate delivery time at my location, “Haryana (India)” if I place an order this week?

Madhav Goyal

Hey @madhavgoyal

Take a look through this forum post / thread. It covers a fair amount of info regarding how long it will take to get your EMO from when you purchase / make your order to when it is delivered and shipped to you.

You can also check and keep an eye on this page as well which shows the update on EMO and orders / deliveries sent.

p.s for me it took approx 4.5 months to get my first EMO.

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We waited about 4 months for our Emo.

Kind regards.


Hey! So I received my tracking number and it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow but I was informed by your team by email that it was shipped the 27th and may take up to 10 days to arrive?? Can someone please check my tracking and pinpoint where my package is??

Hey @Blacksmudge402

If you want to see where your package currently is, you can try tracking it using the 17 Tracking website (see link below)

Just add your tracking number and you can see where it is currently located.

If you wanted the Living.Ai team to give you an update you will need to send them an email, but normally when the item is in transit, it will be out of the control of Living.Ai and in the hands of the courier / postal service and reliable they are in your country.

Hope this helps.

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