Production slowing…?

For a while I was very encouraged because delivery update numbers were increasing pretty rapidly.
Am I may be wrong, but has anyone else noticed the production/shipping numbers slowing down? A lot?

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As has been posted MANY times in these forums… CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAY has meant for 2 weeks the factory is closed. ALL OF CHINA does this. They have opened and ramping up once more.


Hey look, I do understand 2 weeks factory was closed, but we are far away from this holiday. I will wait for 2 more weeks and if I’ll see there’s no progress will request refund …

Wayne_Small…greetings nice to see you here you seem quite knowledgeable. May I ask how many units do you think the factory can make per month at the moment?… Everybody is so excited I’m glad to be on board with all of you and looking forward to the day I receive good old EMO …

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Hi Wayne, we can of course understand that each country has its own celebrations that could slow down a company production, but frankly speaking:

  • I’m afraid, not all China companies are closing their factory, I’m dealing every day with some of them (Telecom ones, but not essential in case it’s asked), and even though it’s obvious they slowed down production, remaining orders don’t represent almost the half of already delivered units… Plus, they warned me before instead of waiting for customers to ask themselves what is happening.
    If I take a look at some other Chinese companies I’m dealing with ( personnal shop), I can observe that, once they notice they won’t be able to cover workload, they simply inform over their website that item is not for sale for the moment, and that it’d be available again soon (for example: BOOX).

  • in some countries, such practices could be considered as illegal, such as:

    • Website presented as a conventional and stable company, not mentionning any unusual production methods (you have to look deep into forums to understand too late of course that delivery will be way slower than with any other shops… as far a I can read from those pages, I’m not the only one who got surprised) leading to unbelievable delivery latencies

    • Poor communication: simple example, website is still inviting to get an EMO for christmas…
      I ordered mine in January (for my wife’s Birthday BTW, 2 days ago) and if I refer to forums/delivery page, it looks like I won’t get it before mid summer…

Of course this post isn’t against you, please don’t take it personnaly, but I guess I’m not the only one tired by same communication again, informing about reasons for latency that are not acceptable anymore… is at a turn, they should now clearly face the problem, and take decisions ( such as live production updates / clear and official information over their website , rather than pointing to order page… / maybe batch refund for customers that are in queue…).

In summary, we can’t accept “Aliexpress like” delivery issues, especially considering price spent (as simple calcualtion made from my own order number shows that earned $2,100,000 for 7000 units that are currently not produced) without any official communication.

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As a first time poster, welcome!

When did you order your EMO? Did you see on the website in the description for EMO where they say “EMO is currently being manufactured based on order volume, therefore it may take 6 weeks or more before your order is filled and despatched to you.”

That should give you an idea that courier times are on top of that. By all means contact for a refund if you feel the need, however I’m trying to ensure you have clear info before you do on expectations.


Hi Puppy444
I don’t know… all I can say is that I chose to start checking daily on the numbers given the number of people concerned about it. I started tracking on 5/12/2021 and between that date and today (19/2/2021) they have produced and shipped over 6171 units. I would think that there are many factors in the production process though and based on my tracking they sometimes produce more units than other times. That might be due to some units waiting for components and delivery times. I can’t say as I don’t work for them.


Hi Wilschott,

First time poster - Welcome!

You’re right - maybe not ALL China companies close, but a large number that I’ve had dealings with do - hence my belief that they all closed. My mistake - I’m only human!

You’re right - Living AI could have and should have posted a note on their delivery process page to say they were closed for the period. They did not. I’m sure they will make this better next year!

I’m sure in some countries it might be illegal to do that, I’m not sure which countries mind you as I’ve never heard of it before.

In terms of poor communication - I see you ordered yours in January - then you would have seen in the description for EMO at that time it said “EMO is currently being manufactured based on order volume, therefore it may take 6 weeks or more before your order is filled and despatched to you.”
It’s been that way since Nov/Dec as far as I can recall - and it was changed because they wanted people to know that it would take time. Therefore I’m confused as to how your order in January would make it for your wifes birthday when they made it clear at the time of purchase that it would not.

I’m not taking it personally at all - moreover I’m trying to ensure that people have clear communication and expectations.

I think Living AI can do a lot to improve (we call can). The social media aspect is one part alone where they can do more. I know from talking to them that they are working on that, but it’s a process to find people that can communicate properly across different cultures.


hey I’m so happy to hear from you …by accident I found some of your blogs elsewhere on the Internet you seem like a really fun and interesting person. I’ve always loved mechanical things tinkering RC… Hey I think you meant to say 2022 for today… Anyway that looks like off the top of my head that they were producing about at least 2400 a month something like that… I wish I didn’t have such a long wait my health is yuck … But when it comes I’m sure EMO will cheer me up…thank you Wayne for being here and answering my post… I hope we talk again.

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Hey Puppy444
Yes - I’ve been around for a while, you likely found one of my business sites or some other stuff I’ve done over the years. I’ve got others I’m launching over the coming months with other stuff I’m working on.

Happy to help - I don’t know everything… but I’m happy to share what I do know for sure!

Let’s hope that it will quickly change in the next delivery update.

Yup, and also a fact is that in the last 25 days they have been closed for about 2 weeks for Chinese new year. Not defending, just providing facts for clarity.

You’re right. I hope that a new production update will be revealed soon.

Hi Wayne_small, hope you’re fine.

First things first,: As I noticed Puppy444 mentionned some of your blogs were interresting… Now I’m wondering :wink: would it be possible for you to share a few links?

Also, thanks for your replies, but I think some points are to be highlighted / precised:

  • Indeed, description informing about 6 weeks delay was shown to me while ordering but:

    • “based on order volume” means everything and nothing if quantity isn’t specified, but I’m sure it doesn’t mean “once we’ll reach more than half current produced units so far” at least.

    • As I mentionned in previous post, I’m not the only one who got surprised to observe that only a few orders (170 if I’m not wrong) have been processed since half January… Meaning obviously this communication is maybe not precise enough or simply misleading enough to let customers order units still (FYI, such practices are illegal, in most countries, till the moment there’s enough customers to witness, and based on this forum…).

    • I’m of course not complaining at all about the fact that my order won’t get before expected date, but I think there’s a slight difference between:

Please expect 6 weeks delay before your order gets dispatched” which for example I was prepared to, including a little more delay of course.
Once you’ll notice that we didn’t communicate about more latencies, plus Chinese new year, plus not a single official communication, also once you’d have dived into our forums to find a start of explanation, you “may” expect your order to be shipped in the next … 14 weeks, at least!”, cause today still there hadn’t been a single change in delivery page.

  • I agree it can be difficult sometimes to find people able to communicate with the whole world, I’m myself far to be but:

    • Looks like they found people like yourself without even searching for, and I have to admit this is a “position” you’re handling very well, I guess you aren’t unique with such skills?

    • In any case: Any communication is better than none, so even though they couldn’t find the perfect team for that at first try, it’d be better than nothing. Also, I’ve never met anyone accross the world telling me that he’d prefer silence to honesty.

    • Last but not least, as stated in my previous post too: with $2,100,000 (even more now, based on NendosColl’s initial posts) at the bank, how come it’s impossible to find a contractor able to handle a forum?

BTW, Hi @NendosColl , I see your posts have been modified drastically in this discussion, as the tone became quite opposite from original statement, can you please share what made you change your mind?
I hope that’d help people like me to get a little more comprehensive about the situation.

Hi @Wayne_Zhang ,
Needless to say that a clear, honest, and precise communication (same as reply on this discussion) would be a positive thing.

Thanks Wayne_Small for your time, appreciate.

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@willschott I changed them because I don’t want to be considered a super negative person as someone wrote about me. Even if everything I wrote before was true.
It doesn’t mean that I’m not a bit upset with the latest progress (cracks, stopped production).


Hi @NendosColl ,

I’m really sorry for this, and I clearly understand your decision then, it’s a pitty to be reported as “super negative” while simply reporting facts (I didn’ read other posts from you till now, but based on what I can see here, doesn’t show as negative at all).

But comparing your posts and mines, I guess the same might happen to me then, I hope not but… who knows? :sweat_smile:

I hope all is gonna be good for you now, thanks for your honesty.

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I think that the worst thing Living AI can do is this silence. It doesn’t matter what’s the situation. We just want to hear any news. Even bad news are better than nothing.


Since 5 weeks i havent seen the outgoing deliveries numbers change at all, its still at 15300 and nothing is happening

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Yeah, I would understand if they have some problems and they need to solve them first. And maybe they are already working at full speed. Everything is possible but we don’t know what’s true because nobody is willing to tell us about it.


hi everybody… Oh this will be boring to read my new comment today… I’ve been listening to everybody and I see all these concerns I have absolutely the same concerns… Why? Because I want my EMO Pet so badly I’m literally going crazy… From what I have seen people love him so much one woman to see her video she was in love with her little robot… I mean it’s not my place to say but it seemed a little extreme… But then again look at me I’m only here to say that I will be patient for 4 months which is insane yeah but I really want EMO so bad… So the theme of this boring ranting of mine is I want my EMO Pet… I really hope living AI has some kind of miracle and good fortune producing these amazing things there making… I also wish everybody to be happy and I hope everything works out. I’m being positive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… Come on I’m looking at 4 months that I wrote thinking that’s just crazy I sure hope it comes sooner… Anyway the best to everyone