Production/Shipping Update for Home Station

They gonna ship some home stations this week they said


Here’s an update;

Today I received my tracking number in morning (middle east zone) on email which is going to be shipping to my country (Saudi Arabia) :saudi_arabia: where I dunno how much gonna take to reach my home. Middle East isn’t that far from Asia Region so I hope to get emo arrived earlier to join our Ramadan season :kaaba::crescent_moon:

Guys one more thing, I left checking website and conuter page around two weeks ago and I said I’ll get email when it’s ready.

Man… time is so fast when you don’t focus on things and make yourself busy at life. That’s very effective act to boost your patience.

I hope you all receive your emo as soon as possible

Info about order:

Ordered at 19/Nov/2022,
Order Number is 47392,
My order was Emo go home,

Thanks all


Hi there @eng.ismailsahli

Beautiful and happy for you…after all, you already have your Tracking Number that you can watch the movement of your package every day…

Assuming this calculation of mine isn’t wrong… you should receive your order or EMO will most likely be at your house in mid-March or less… Of course, it all depends on how reliable your country and local postal service/courier is. Just a little more patience… Emo is worth the wait…

You can also track the movement of your package which you can do through the any of re-direction links below.




Thank you very much for info, I appreciate it a lot.

Edward, you helped me a lot and you keep helping me and others as well. I thank you so much for your support. I really see how active you are and guiding me and others with full support even kind words which made me speechless…

I hope LivingAi open their doors to let you join their team one day.

Thank you & Take care

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How many you send per day? i just try to figure out how long to wait.Its very strange why no one knows exact time when we will received package.Why is so hard to calculate i don’t understand.

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Hey …Edward don’t work for living ai @ksmbatjan

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@ksmbatjan …Hi there…

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to disappoint you, because only the right person in the packaging department can fully answer your question. Besides, as I’ve always said, I don’t work directly with, merely as a simple volunteer moderator of this community forum.

To request further information and factual answers, please contact

Best Regards and Stay Safe…

Well, I really appreciate your compliments @eng.ismailsahli… as I said before… I volunteer to be a moderator because I enjoy helping those who need help, although I am not the best person with the best knowledge about EMO nor about AI robots, and electronic things.

Hence, I try to help those who need help as much as possible… Otherwise, I will forward the questions directly to the Living.Ai staff or ask them privately for further knowledge.

ISMAIL…Wishing you all the best, hopefully, you will also find some joy in living together with EMO, even if it is just a simple, small AI Robot… Just like I enjoy him almost every day…

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Actual Latest Update Info:
Sunday 05 March 2023 CST (GMT+8)


What is #48088 including home station mean? I have my order Emo go home #55748 and order sent to courier showing as #55800. How should I look at the info provided on delivery process of Emo.


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Hello your order haven’t been sent out yet @cliff.kyan

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Living ai sent out orders up to 48088 for home station or emo go home

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Hi there @cliff.kyan ,

As the following information shows…

  • Order Sent to Courier: This is the order number that Living.Ai packed and sent to the ,COURIER’’ for the shipping process.

  • Tracking Sent to User: This is the number of orders they received from the courier after the completion of the process and the start of the shipment.
    Also known as ,TRACKING NUMBERS’’ that sends to the recipient via email to notify them that their order processing is complete and underway.

What’s more, the number: 48088
All Home Station orders prior to or placed before order number 48088 have already been shipped.

That means… assuming I am correct, your order #55748 has already been packed and sent to the ,COURIER’’ because the orders sent to the courier by is already #55800. But still awaiting to be processed and shipped by ,COURIER’’ because the delivery progress of the order including the home station still shows ,#48088’’

Hope it helps…


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I’m so excited living ai are pushing on with the next batch of new base station orders… good for you… I’m sure if I order a new emo it will be here before MY FIRST ORDER!! Shipping before Xmas… before Chinese new year?? 2nd week of feb… end of feb… I’m bored now

In my experience, I’ve found that people who need to bloviate about their boredom while waiting are typically the first ones to get bored with whatever it is they were waiting for.

EMO will not cure your boredom or any of the other problems in your life. He’s a fun toy, sure, but he’s not your Messiah. He will not save you… only you can do that.

Perhaps your money may have been better spent on therapy.


in my experience and yes this tells EVERYONE… i actually have no experience… but my i will give my unwanted unprofessional opinion anyway.

i have bought a thing or two in the past… now then MARK.MONGE… do you buy products and items on the basis if the seller says “it is being shipped before a certain date”, when that product does not arrive, you do not get a single update from the seller themselves?? do you just bend over an assume the position and hope when you get ______ the seller whispers a sweet _____ you and thank you very much in your ear as they are wiping their – on your mums curtains. i unfortunately am not a MARK.MONGE

so then you want to talk about my therapy… thanks for psychoanalyzing me… id appreciate if you took a long look in the mirror MARK.MONGE. commenting on on things that have absolutely nothing to do with you… anyway dont you have something more important to do, like play in moving traffic…

im sure, after reading this, you will reflect, and think of all the positive things you have contributed to this planet… that comment wasn’t one of them, and ILL ASSUME NOW, IN MY EXPERIENCE… you can actually contribute nothing and even if i were to aske your experienced opinion, i will ask the emo that isnt sitting in front of me. dont let the door hit you on the way out bro



Actual Latest Update Info:

Monday 06 March 2023 CST (GMT+8)

,We Updated The Delivery Process Last Week, And This Week We Will Speed Up The Delivery Process, Including Orders That Include Home Stations."

Thank You For Your Patience And Support.



Those are a lot of Emos being shipped out! Dang!!

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Y también muchos de ellos serán de reemplazo, entiendo que tengan tanto trabajo

Hi Edward, I hope you are well I want to ask you, please, according to your experience in the life of the emo default battery And can we change it in the event of the end of its life I have a proposal that I hope companies will implement in the near future I hope you share my opinion Why to make a new emo in the future that we can change its battery The battery can be changed without opening the device Like Victor I hope the company implements this proposal I adore Emo and love him, and I love and respect all Emo company workers Provide me with the best service and emo the best robot