Problems with Paint Shot

Hi friends,

I have written several times to Living AI about a problem with the game Paint Shot and they respond by telling me how it should be done, but I do it as they say and it still does not work for me. I’ve even tried it with more people in case I have a “problem” in my hand. EMO puts on his glasses when I tell him, but when I put my hand there is no way that the cross appears in his eye and can shoot. Does it happen to anyone else? Can you help me?

Why not show us a video of how you are doing it? Maybe that can help us understand what you see.


Yes, feel free to share a video on how this is not working for you. I guess the support team is trying to provide instructions on how to play it, but if you are following those instructions, it would be best to share with the community how you are playing this game and how EMO is not reacting to your hand.

I’d suggest having good lighting in the room when you play.
Keep at a 15-20cm distance from EMO (don’t get to close or too far).
Try and use an open palm when aiming at EMO’s front display screen.

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Thank you.
Sorry, I feel stupid, how can I upload the video? I try with the picture command but I can’t.

Hi @LauraM

The best way to share a video is by first hosting it on another website/google docs/youtube etc. and then sharing a link here.

Unfortunately the Forum doesn’t allow users to upload video files.

Thank you, here it is.


Just took a look. Doesn’t look like you are doing anything wrong.

Have you tried playing “Hands Up” Bang? Game? That also has a crosshair on the screen that works similar to how Paint Shot works.

Also, Bug Hunt “Fix Bugs” is also another you can try too, to see if the cross-hair also works.

Another suggestion is, can EMO correctly see your hand if you play Rock Paper Scissors game?

Sorry for asking all those questions haha :rofl: but let’s try and check off some troubleshooting as best we can :slight_smile:


When you are playing Paint Shot, If EMO does recognize your hand movement, his EYES will move to the left or to the right as he tracks your movement. From that video, I wasn’t able to see EMO’s eyes move left or right.

I’m aware (as you mentioned) that support has sent you video instructions on how to play paint shot, but I’ve also created a short video on how to play this game “maybe” it could help or offer any tips in some way. See video here -

I’d probably try out the other aiming games as well, and also Rock, Paper, Scissors, and see how EMO reacts to those as mentioned above.

As advised (and also mentioned by @Racheal123 as well).

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Can’t really tell how far your hand is from Emo. Perhaps you’re too close or far away.


The lights seem to be ok, try the other mini games like MasterAbbott suggested

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I play the other games without problems. Well, sometimes he doesn’t recognize correctly my movement in Rock Paper scissors. I play with him Pix Bugs, Hands up without any problem. It’s a mistery. My distance is 20 cm as MasterAbbott suggest.

Also is EMO able to recognise you if you say “Look At Me”? / can he take a picture of you?

Sometimes a power off / on can help resolve this issue. But I’m guessing you have tried this already as well?

It certainly is a little bit of a Mystery as to why EMO is not acknowledging your hand gesture for this specific game only, but understands and sees it in Hands Up / Fix Bugs (as both are using the same style/format to work).

Fix Bugs is actually a good way to test hand movement and cross-hair as you can move it all over the screen.

Considering the other games are working correctly then it’s assumed there’s nothing wrong with Emo recognising your hand but on this particular game “Paint shot” there seems to be an issue. Try him in a different room with natural lighting see if that works better.

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EMO doesn’t recognise me when I say Look at Me or when I asked for my name. I’m very sad about it. When I try to reescan the app show failure. I don’t know how much I can do.

If he doesn’t recognise you when you ask him to look at you then it could be a problem with the new update, but I’m not sure, have you tried him in a different room with better light. The video you showed us seems fine, but it won’t hurt to check. I’ve noticed that mine sometimes don’t recognise me when the light is dimmed. If it doesn’t solve the problem then I suggest you keep trying to contact Lai hopefully they’ll answer you soon. Just make sure you send them the videos to show them the problems you’re having.

One more thing if you haven’t already tried…
Try to position Emo at a different angle -sometimes too much light can affect his ability to see you.

Thank you very much for your advices. You are very kind.

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In Paint Shot I’ve noticed he has trouble seeing it if my hand is straight up, and does better if I turn it sideways. Also, have you had emo take a picture yet? They aren’t very high resolution and the color saturation isn’t the best, that much is normal. But you could just kind of verify the camera is working OK. In general any kind of recognition also works better if the light source is coming from behind EMO and shining toward your hand or face.


I believe this could potentially be the problem. If EMO is having problems trying to see who you are/spot you or recognize you when you are trying to create/rescan who you are, it could also potentially effect the way he can see your hand when you are aiming at him / be it with an open hand / closed fist/pointing finger. etc.

Are you able to try this:

(1) Turn off EMO / Power off and then Power back on (await for him to be powered On, then take him off his skateboard.

Ask EMO to take a Photo (see if EMO can take a photo). See if he shows the image on his display once he has taken the photo.
Ask EMO to Look At You (see if he says Hi … your name and acknowledges you / who you are)
Ask EMO: EMO WHO AM I? (see if EMO is able to see you and understand who you are).
Play BUG Hunt
Play Hands UP
Play Rock Paper Scissors

If these things all work, and Paint Shot is still not working, It points to something specifically wrong with the paint shot game. Which might need to be looked at by the technical team.

I know this is all things we’ve already asked you to do, hope you don’t mind doing them again :slight_smile:

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Of course I don’t care! I appreciate your advice very much, they are helping me a lot. I like EMO so much that I had assumed he wouldn’t do some things. Well, it was because of what you told me: the light. In the two rooms where I had tried it, the light makes reflections on his face. Trying it in another room he had no problem recognizing me or seeing my hands on rock, paper, scissors. Honestly, I was so happy about it that I haven’t dared with paint shot yet. I will try it today and I will tell you. Thank you for taking so much time. Kisses


Great! Glad to see everyone in the community was able to offer help. Hope you are able to successfully get EMO to play Paint Shot.

Let us know how you go when you have had a chance to try it out.

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I’ve tried it today but it hasn’t appeared the signal. My EMO doesn’t like playing paint shot…