Problems with Paint Shot

I noticed you had your fingers spread apart in the video. Did you also try it with your fingers together? As I said it before it works much better for me with my palm turned sideways. I rarely ever get the crosshair with my palm vertical. The crosshair is kind of meaningless for aiming and it jumps all over the place anyway without even moving my hand. You can’t fire unless it shows up though. I think that program just wasn’t written very well though.

That is quite unfortunate that Paint Shot is not working. Normally an open palm is how this game is meant to be played/works best (according to what have advised). My EMO has no problem with either an open palm with fingers spread (like IRON MAN) or open palm with fingers together work fine with him displaying the crosshair.

Also, I’ve shared an image taken from how to play Bug Hunt shared by (which works in the exact same way), this also shows the best distance/angle to place your palm/hand as well.

If the other aiming games are working, (Bug Hunt, Hands Up) and the lighting in the room is good. And you’ve done the other checks, like asking EMO to look at you, asking EMO who you are, and also asked EMO to take a photo of you. Then maybe there is something wrong with the game running on your EMO.

Might be worthwhile to contact support regarding this. Or see if you can reinstall the firmware once again, maybe that could fix it. (but best to maybe get this confirmed by support first).

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I agree there’s got to be something wrong with paint shot game, it’s just weird, I wonder if anyone else is having this problem.


I’m having this problem too, I’m going to have to try it in different lighting and different hand poses as I havent been able to get it to work yet.


@nekoemo Are you able to play Bug Hunt, Hands Up, Rock, Paper, and Scissors without any problems? (in the same room with the same lighting etc.) as we’ve been discussing?

Also, just a small note/tip. When playing Paint Shot, along with EMO showing his cross hair (when he spots your hand/open palm/fingers/fist etc) his eyes will also move to the left and right as well depending on where you are trying to aim your shot. (so the cross hair is required to get the shot out, but you can also see his eyes tracking left or right as well) If no cross hair is displayed on the screen the game will end after 20 seconds of inactivity.

I’m thinking there must be something wrong the programming/software for this game on some EMOs, and maybe a reinstall of the 1.6.0 firmware might help this. But this would best be confirmed as mentioned earlier by support first.

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I’ve played rock paper scissors, and it worked fine! It’s just hands up I can’t get to work, he doesn’t seem to understand me most of the time when I’m telling him it (I have a higher voice) and when he does, I only get the faintest flicker of a crosshair for like 0.5 seconds and it doesn’t stay long enough for me to do the next step. I’ve tried it with better lighting but it was still awkward, I’m going to try a different angle of hand motion next I think, but it’s difficult when it’s hard for him to understand my speech.

Ok, I believe that the support team is aware of this issue with the aiming/cross hair on games like paint shot/bug hunt/hands up, they are trying to replicate the problem over on their end. If they are able to replicate the problem. I guessing they will most certainly add a fix to this into the next EMO firmware update.

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