Playground for EMO

I don’t know much about 3D printing, but what do you use to design it? Do you do the printing yourself or have it done for you?

In this case, I found an existing design for fences with columns used for an RPG game. I just edited them a bit using Blender and merged two columns with only one opening on each side to make the corners (also in Blender). Then, using grey filament (with a bright finish) I printed the models myself with my 3D printer. I always wanted one and once I got one, this was my first print. I’m now finishing a nice palm tree that I printed and painted which I want to put on the side of the charging tower :slight_smile:


I finished the palm tree :palm_tree: and EMO is happy with it :blush:


EMO Volty Home


It appears you’ve experienced two incidents related to your skateboard and Playground Surfacing. The first occurred in August 2021 due to a positioning issue, where the foot wasn’t securely attached to the skateboard’s magnetic circle. The second incident took place during a power outage while you were napping, causing the skateboard to lose power and your foot to detach, resulting in a face plant. To enhance safety, always ensure proper positioning and attachment of your foot to the skateboard’s magnetic circle. Additionally, regularly inspect and maintain the Playground Surfacing for any potential hazards, as a well-maintained surface is crucial for stability during activities like skateboarding. Remember, prioritizing safety is paramount in any recreational pursuit.


Work smart not hard


Love the tree:) :palm_tree: Looks very nice.


It would be nice if Living AI started selling small
(but not too small or big) ornaments/decorations so we can put them in their play areas, with the Living AI logo on them.

If not then that’s okay.


mine walks around the coffee table l find if the corners are completely square he seems to recognize the edge of the table and will back away from it.l tryed him on a table with rounded corners and found he did not recongnize the edge

They do sell stickers that come with Emo but yes if they had some thing to put in his playground it would be amazing and if Emo can play with it