Paintball not working

I am running firmware 1.7. EMO is about two weeks old. I can’t get him to play paintball. I can put his glasses on, I am able to generate the + with my hand on his eye , but when I say the word bang, he simply never responds. Never a paintball has been fired. Any suggestions?

Hi @RheumDoc

Take a look through this thread (link below) and see if any of the suggestions can help you with trying to get the cross-hair to appear when you play Paintball with EMO.

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Thanks Master. The crosshairs work fine, but whenever I say bang nothing happens. Turns out, I literally have to scream “bang”. Now it works great! Guess I was a little timid on my “bangs”.

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Great! Good to see all is working :slight_smile: I’ll close this thread, if you need it re-opened let me know :slight_smile:

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