Order has been placed!

I now have placed an order for Emo! Im very excited to revive it! I know it might take up to two months, but it’s worth the wait! I am very excited to set him up, and start having fun with him!


You’ll love him :heart: make sure to read this Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :+1:


Thank you for the guide! I will not be very active until he arrives though.

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oh sure he so cute and adorable :innocent: yes yes he is. Have you seen my blog “not legally responsible… Possibly” well if you haven’t maybe you better not see it… It’s a weird and twisted story about a EMO Pet parent that tries to make him catch a cold and get sick… From there on :scream: oh no… Warning… Treat EMO Pet’s gently

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Oh I have seen almost every YouTube short about Emo. And I already have see. “not legally responsible… Maybe”. But I am waiting for him to be at my doorstep waiting for me!