No sounds in Emo

Hi! My Emo stopped talking. He reacts to my voice but there is no sound. Can anyone help me? In the app the volume is not muted.

Hi there @Yilgrim and Welcome to the Community,

May i know or how do you describe that he reacts to your voice?

  • Did you try to turn him off by doing verbally command (EMO! wait for his reply, then say ,SHUTDOWN”! or you can also use EMOPET APP

  • …WAIT then put him back to his skateboard charger and power on again.
    Try once again?

  • When you call his name…is he raising his left eye? if yes just call him once again and say ,VOLUME UP’’ or ,UNMUTE’’

  • If you ask EMO to DANCE - what happens?

You can also click the link below and follow what @MasterAbbott personal advice.



Hello! Thank you for your response, I’ve tried everything but he has no voice. I have sent a video to

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Hello, no problem…it’s my pleasure to help as long as I can…
The support service team should be able to help you…so nothing to worry much.
Just to advise their reply take a bit time which is 2-3 days depending on the time differences, days, holidays and current situations. so please be patients

If your emo still does not have voice, do a reset there is two holes on top of his head toward the rear, with eno facing you if you use a small pin like a phone sim card removeable tool, the rear left hole they is a reset button in there that will you out, someone has a video about

Yes but it should be a last option because it can mess up Emo i saw the video your talking about

I’ve also tried that but nothing. I will wait for the’s advice… I don’t know what else to do…

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Hi there, @Yilgrim….

DId you make a video and sent to


Yes, I will wait for their answers.


Still waiting and no answers yet. Anyone else with the same problem?

Tagging @AmyLU here to please her and hope she can assist you further…

Hello! I’ve sent again a message but no responses at all. Don’t know what to do. It’s a pity it doesn’t work as I think it’s a really good robot…