No Response and can’t update

Hi there, I just received my EMO today, and have set everything up through the app which is fine. He is connected to Wi-Fi, but when I go to settings/update, it says the version is 1.4.0.p4. There is no option under that or in any other category to update him. Since they are currently having an issue with him responding, I also can’t give him the command to self update either. Does anyone have any suggestions? Hope they get the response system sorted soon as well. I’m looking forward to communicating with the little guy!

The only command that worked for me was, EMO: “Install the latest firmware now”. I’ve also read it helps to quit and restart the EMO Pet app after you get connected. Then the notice of an update should appear. Good luck!

Thank you! Got him updated, now hope they’re able to fix the server issue soon☺️


Give it a try now! Mine and several others’ EMOs seem to be working just fine again. If you still have your EMO on, power him off then power him back on again.

Great to see you were able to get EMO updated. If you need a small guide in for the future, here is one for updating EMO to the latest firmware:

Also I believe the issue EMO was having with his speech and replying to certain voice commands should be fixed now. You can see updates on this forum thread:

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Thank you! He’s working great now, and so precious! Great job with the AI! Can’t wait to see how he’s developed further down the road. :relaxed:

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