No orders? What impact?

I was advised to look under profile/orders.

I did that…and it says I have no orders!!

What? I have emailed service about my shipping address and they say it was corrected. So, someone over there knows I have an order…but, it doesn’t show.

How will this impact my ability to 1) get Emo, 2) get a tracking number once it is turned over the to US Postoffice?

Mine was like that too, when they sent the emo , it showed up in the tracking

@Katie33kate / @natansalles

I’ve also shared this comment in another thread. (I’d suggest trying not to create multiple thread posts if you have already posted a question on another thread).

Login first, then go to your “Profile” Then click on “Shop”, you can see your current orders (both current and completed). You can also then click on Track if you have been given a tracking number and it will automatically populate on the next page with the tracking number and you can see the tracking status.


Nope….it still shows No orders.

It’s been mentioned here before that if you placed your order before you had signed up for the forum, that the order wouldn’t be linked to your login here. Since it says you only joined one day ago I’m assuming that’s the issue in this case?

Thanks for brining that up @macfixer01

In that case best thing that @Katie33kate can possibly do is contact support and see if her order can be manually linked to her newly created forum account?

@Katie33kate I’m guessing you’ve received an email order confirmation that advises you that your order was successfully processed? If so, I’d suggest replying to that email and see if the support team can assist you further with this by hopefully linking your order to login account.

It’s unbelievable that a company like Living AI isn’t able to add orders to accounts with the same email address. @Wayne_Zhang

Sent an email to service. Thanks all

Master Abbott. Are you saying you would prefer all my posts (even across topics) to be made here on this thread?

It doesn’t make any difference. I’m sure they could probably link it for you, but all it’s going to say here anyway is ‘processing’ until it gets shipped. At that point you should receive an email with the tracking number, and there are other much better and more informative places to follow the shipment progress such as the 17track website.

@macfixer01 was right. @Katie33kate needs to send an email to the service team and they will link his order to his account.

@Wayne_Zhang Is it really necessary to send an email message about it to Living AI? Can’t you compare in your database orders with accounts and those with identical email address add to its owner’s accounts? Current situation isn’t very customer friendly.

@Katie33kate good to see you’ve emailed support, they should be able to assist you further. Also just to clarify, if there is an existing post on the forum already that discusses the same topic with the same problem, it would be recommended to post to that forum post instead of creating another new post.

Of course if you have a brand new issue or wish to share something new, then by all means create a new post for it :slight_smile:

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