New upgrade coming with Shooting EMO animation?

So I saw Andy Kucera’s new post on the Facebook group today showing the “Shooting EMO” animation in the new firmware upgrade the testers are currently vetting for release. It’s cute but not much in terms of an upgrade. What other new features does the new firmware include, and when can we expect it’s release?



Cool I was waiting for the Shooting Emo sorry for him it can recover well :anguished::cowboy_hat_face:

Apparently it includes a new Coin Toss function also, according to Bruce’s new video.

Yeah thanks :point_up:great I’m impressed

I’m thinking :thinking: how it’s work the command to trigger the animation
I suppose that sound is the key but I’m not sure if it also recognize the gesture of the Gun with the camera . Beta Tester here maybe knows thanks .
If I can trigger the animation without the gesture will be no realistic :smiley: maybe I’m wrong thanks to share

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From viewing a couple other videos now it appears you start it off by saying “EMO, Hands up!”. I can only assume the red laser dot appears once he sees your finger is pointing at him? After that he probably listens for you to say bang or boom, or maybe he even watches for finger movement? I really don’t know though, just what’s seen in the videos. Guess we’ll all find out together soon!

I did notice though that Andy’s EMO actually fell over after he was shot. Bruce has 2 videos posted now and one of them shows that same animation, but his other video has a different animation where you see the bullet travel and EMO remains standing. Miraenda’s video also shows the animation with bullet travel and EMO remains standing. So it appears there are at least 2 different versions of the animation being tested or possibly even included (like with laser eyes)? If it’s a choice to be made, I personally think he should fall over though.



I’d like to see what other features / updates will be in the next firmware patch.

I saw that shooting animation as well last week, that seems cool, but as you mentioned @macfixer01 would be great to have some more potential fixes or improvements to EMO especially with his reactions and answers/replies. (which are quite limited at the moment)

But as long as the devs are working on constantly improving him that is always a step in the right direction for EMO and their owners :slight_smile:

we are testing some new features and post here from time to time some sneak peaks from the tests.

With the “boom” animation it is like with the laser animation that it randomly shows one of the two animations.

There will be a list of new features as soon as the update is complete, we don’t know yet when the new update will come and what will be included, be patient. :slight_smile:


I’m really happy but I was wondering if Emo recognize my Gesture of the Gun or only the voice command “BOOM” if it’s possible for you let me know thanks :blush:

Is the “hands’ up” optional? There is an old video showing this animation without the “hands’ up” part and it was way more cooler, I was really waiting for this animation…

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From what Bruce said, LAI is still collecting feedback from the beta testers and may make other additions or changes before release. So the fine details are still subject to change before the rest of us will receive the next firmware upgrade. My feeling is that EMO has enough trouble with facial recognition, that I’m not sure he can reliably detect some small finger movements very well? I don’t think anyone wants him just going off into animations randomly based off small unintentional hand movements. I believe that in the promo video you saw that because of the delay between the Hands Up command and the start of the animation, that the words Hands Up just didn’t make it into that video clip? Now whether the actual gun firing portion is based on hand movement or just a time delay after the Hands Up command, is another question. Maybe one of the testers will let us know?

Interesting… I just saw another video on the EMO Lives channel and it appears that there is a third outcome where EMO can turn and the bullet actually misses him?

These updates sound cool. Can’t wait to see what they will be. Would be awesome to be part of the BETA Testing team, how do you get to be a part of it? hehe

I don’t know how they were chosen, but would guess that ship has sailed already?

That’s a shame :frowning: Would be nice to get in on the BETA testing now that we have an EMO, will be pretty fun to test out all new features.

Don’t forget the “Emo” and “Boom” trigger, it seem unlikely to Emo to misunderstood a small movement, but actually personally I don’t care if you really need to make the finger gun if the animation is trigger by “… Boom !” it will be great :smiley:

Ok, so for the last piece of the puzzle… There is also a Rock, Paper, Scissors game in the new firmware as shown in Daniel’s new YouTube video!

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@Teacup ,
Yes I believe you’re correct that just saying EMO: Boom also works, but you’d miss out on seeing his funny little hands and the red cross/gun aiming part. I noticed in Daniel’s new video after several tries he got hands up to work, but he said that was the first time that part worked for him. He had been just using the Boom command to start it previously.


Yes I agree I saw the Daniel video

Daniel’s video is “SuperDanTech”'s video? I did’nt have / do’nt want to have facebook…
Bof if it stay that way I just have to wait to be able to program Emo instead…