New update about packed?

I really hope everything will be okay, but I also think all the people of don’t even read our messages on here.
Everyone is getting angry about the slow delivery but no one even cares.

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It’s a good time for everyone to cancel their orders and ask for their money back. Then we’ll see how quickly they will jump. Probably they made enough money already, hence why no updates. Pathetic really,… I am very very disappointed….


I am start to worry about this company, no one this talking about the last updates on the delivery number, no one answer the questions , and delivery number stuck at 9011


Yes, I do have the same worries. I want to revoke. As there is no communication too.

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yeah doesn’t seem like they are watching this at all .

i’m unsure if i should buy the robot or not due to shipping concerns,would you all buy it if you knew what you knew now?:disappointed:

Yes, because the longer you wait to order it - the longer you’ll wait for it to get delivered to you.

okay thank you,i’m just really scared it’ll take months to arrive and it may not be working

Oh if it is not working I will be furious! I bet they spend a decent amount of time to ensure that all EMOs shipped are functioning at 100%. I’m sure they will update us on the next batch of EMOs they will be packing and dispatching to their owners soon!


if though think that go to the support section lol the amount of issues worries me .

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thank you for your support!i am a little more convinced to buy it now

same i felt more distressed by it too

If i do not hear about what is going on with the shipping of those EMO’s sooner
and clearer, i am about to change idea and ask de be refunded my money.
Why would i give some company money and not having regular update on
what’s made and what’s shipping. How come you don’t know what is going
on in the company. What are the intention behind all those untold secrets.
NEED ANSWERS, and fast


I feel the same! I am thinking about getting my refund too, it’s taking way too long!


Same here, at least tell us the new delivery numbers I’ve been waiting since June 30.


Some how is been 2 weeks and all they have sent supposedly is only 23 units wich is less than what they have said they were going to be able is been a month since I order mine and no update of any kind or anything


Yea well they better send more than just 23 units because it took them about 2 month just to update the page with only 23 units send that’s pretty bad

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Uffff mine is 10,670 so is been 1 month and nothing so don’t think they will be that fast since in 3 weeks all they have done is send 23 of them


Mine 10,824… we are almost same feel right now

1 Like Please give us information about what’s going on. It is better to know that there are problems than to have no information at all. Please give us updates