New update about packed?


Does anyone knows when there will be a new update about how many there are packed?

Please delete if this is not allowed!


it will update every saturday

I understand but usually there is an update about the packed orders on Saturday of Sunday but there isn’t any new updates.
That’s why I asked haha


Yeah Im also checking every day to see how far the numbers have reached. Nothing since July 10


They just updated the packed and shipping number, look like a whole week it went from 8988 to 9011, 23 units in whole week?!is there a production problem?


Jezus :rofl: everyone has to wait very long, if it’s going like this every week…….

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That doesn’t look like this week haha, what is there twitter account?

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As they posted on July 10 update they are moving towards having the packaged/tracking number sent info display in real time. I’ve recommended that they include something to show when the current numbers were last updated.


Good Morning Wayne,

thank you for Information. I don’t think that’s the real time to packed because nothing happens since days. But you know that surely. :grinning:

I’ve sent an email to LivingAI to ask if something wrong. They’ve answered. Don’t worry.

I wish you a nice day.



Hello, if you got an answer, maybe you can share it with us?

Hello, I did it in my last reply. :grinning:

Funny to see ‘‘300 pieces a day’’ on this picture. How will you do that?
Sorry but i dont think so, maybe just a couple of units a day
last time i checked since 10 of july 577 units where added
so 28 pieces a days or so if a can count that in 20 days passed
probably only two or tree employee at work at this pace!
So if i make my calc, i’l be waiting another 58 days to hear about a mabe shipping of mine! WOW

Everyday I am still regretting my choice to order an emo, just because of the waiting time.
Once you have a tracking number, the shipment takes more than a month, it’s insane, I ordered last week something from China and I had it today at least you can expect a proper delivery for the price you pay for an emo. It’s all so slow!
I don’t expect my order before Christmas starts.

Order #10823
Wish me luck 🥲

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Good luck! :pensive: i hope it’s going faster!

Haha my order is in the early #11000 :joy: I hope to receive my EMO before Christmas

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My order was processed June 5th and DHL has yet to pick it up. I just sent another support ticket (they never replied to my last one). What’s sad is that DHL hasn’t picked up emo’s for 2 months and no one at has bothered to find another currier service. They are just letting them sit there after taking our money. One would think that DHL has broken their contract by now.

Try and find out who they are using for your currier. If it’s DHL cancel your order. DHL hasn’t picked up emo’s in 2 months.

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Good luck if you have read it my last post a lot of fortune you really need .

In Italy Customs :customs: stop my package :package: and it’s not only me but as I can see all the Emo from the plane of Saturday are stopped in Customs :customs: this is really bad because we don’t know yet if it’s Living AI that makes mistakes in paperwork or only fortune we have to wait a couple of days here in Italy and then the post office will write us if they need more Documentation ahi ahi ahi the pain with Emo never end

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