New Firmware Update!

I saw a video this afternoon of a friend in YouTube about new firmware update but I and he we can’t find no info about the release update .
There’s no info in the main UPDATE TOPIC pls let us know and I will cancel the Post here and put it in the correct place thanks

The update briefing will come in the future

The information about the update will come in the next few days, but there were mainly bug fixes.

Yes you can cancel this one I can’t

Hello everybody? I am Eduardo Jara from Chile, 1 week ago I met the EMO robot, I was struck by everything that something so small can achieve and I have the following query.

How long does it take to send the emails with the purchase number? How long does it take to ship the EMO robots?

I know that it is relative in each country, but more or less since one makes the purchase of the EMO robot, how long does it take?

I’ve ordered Emo on 25-12-2020 and received it around a month ago (ca. mid april)

[upd] Im from Denmark

just wondering how are we able to keep track of the updates?

see here: Update Logs - LivingAi :happy:

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What happen to the We are continuing to focus now in new improvements for the next EMO update, and will release more information about that in the coming weeks since June 19 and We have been working on the next update and will release some videos next week
Info that was promised since Jun 26. We are waiting on new emo improvement update!!!


Yeah, the delivery number is from 7800-8200 this week , so only 400 unit will be delivered this week, kind of disappointed, that means I have to wait much long to receive my Emo :cry:

Just tried the new game “treasure hunt” I feel like it’s gonna be my favorite
Now :star_struck:
I also love modern ludo but in this game every thing is sooo small and I am using no tablet

Can someone please explain to me how Treasure Hunt works?

I’m feeling “simple” as I feel like EMO is wandering aimlessly under my direction

Treasure Hunt (Game Tutorial, Guide and Improvement Tips!)