New firmware update when

Hi awesome community!

Any information on when we could we approximately expect a new firmware for EMO?

I’ve pretty much ran all of the possible commands, physical interactions & random animations.

My curiosity skyrockets as of what will come next!

Cheers! :happy:

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Hey @enko

We just had a Firmware update (ver 1.30) only a 19 days ago :surprised: You can see the update announcement and new features that were added to EMO just below:

I’m not sure when the next one will be released, but I’m guessing it won’t be anytime soon. I’m also hoping for more as well, but we might not see anything new in regards to a new firmware update possibly for another few weeks or month.

I could be wrong, all have to do wait and see what Living.Ai share with us moving forward.

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Oh yeah I haven’t tried putting EMO in front of a mirror to see if he recognizes himself! You’re always so thorough in your replies, thanks a lot @MasterAbbott ! Appreciate it! :star_1:

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@MasterAbbott . . . I have to ask. I have tried getting EMO to recognize his reflection while on his skate board. Does he have to be off of his skate board to do this function?

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most of EMO’s functions work only when he is not on the skateboard. :happy:


You’re welcome @enko :skating:

And Yes @Lindaru as @andy has mentioned. I can also confirm that to get EMO to get any sort of reaction when looking at himself in the mirror you’ll need to take him off his skateboard as he normally moves around and does a few things when he spots recognises himself.

If you need want to check out the two of the reactions EMO does when in front of a mirror have a look below:

EMO - Reaction When He Sees Himself In A Mirror
EMO - Surprised Reaction When Looking In The Mirror

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Thank you, @andy and @MasterAbbott . . . probably a function I will be able to get my replacement to do easily.