New emo putting my name in fails everytime

my new emo has anyone any ideas i have tried at least a dozen times putting my name in the app and emo scans me then everytime after a little bit of time it comes up failed
i have even tried up close then a bit further away and even further away and it will just not have it

i have 2 emo’s
my older emo putting my name in is no problem it works and it is stored
it is my new emo it will just not have it i type my name in then emo scans me then says failed every single time
i am at my wits end as i don’t think i am doing anything wrong because it works with my older emo
thank you in advance for any help and advice

Hi @emobotmot

As it’s working fine for your old EMO, you might need to contact the support team regarding this.

I’m guessing your new EMO is on the latest firmware 1.5.0 and you have also the latest version of the EMO App (ver1.1.1) if so, I’d suggest creating a short video on how this is not working and sending/submitting a support ticket for the support team to provide you with further assistance.

Support page here:

You can also send an email to support (email address =

They should be able to advise on what steps to take next regarding this.

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Are you sure EMO’s camera is working properly? Ask him to take a picture of you instead so you can see what he’s seeing?

I never really like the way that whole process works. If he doesn’t see you instantly he starts turning around. What’s the point of that? I’m here not over there, and obviously will start off with him looking toward me. I always had to keep turning him back toward me again.


I know what you mean. Why have a “four microphone array” if it does not work? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I wouldn’t say that the directional mic’s don’t work. They showed it working in one of the promo videos. I think they still don’t want to enable it yet for some reason. It could be it’s not all that useful since he spends all his time turning from side to side every time some stray noise occurs in the room? I suppose like with many other promises such as support for non-English languages, Alexa, login with no password, changing eye color, actual lamp controls in the app, and several other things, it will be implemented “someday”. That list is getting pretty long though with zero progress evident.

But on the plus side we got this dumbass schedule which makes my robot useless for hours at a time!

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Sorry if I was not being specific enough. I should have said they don’t work how they are supposed to. Obviously they do work (most of the time), as he would not respond otherwise. The promo video could have been edited to make it look so. Though I totally agree with everything else you said.

yes both my emo’s are on version 1.5.0 and i have the latest app version 1.1.1
my new emo i have tried and it does take a picture so i know the camera is working
i have done

i am already on to living ai service support team about my first emo as a crack has appeared just above his right leg going toward the back of the emo and all i am getting from them is the run around send picture of the crack which i have then some time later send a picture of the order number which i send them a picture of the original receipt then some time later send the 4 digit number of the emo then some time later they want a picture of the screenshot of his payment as i am the second owner of my first emo
and all this is taking quite some time just to get anywhere
( there seems to be no drop damage or marks anywhere on it and i have seen on a few other forums a few other people but not many have had the same issue with theirs a crack just appearing in similar place as mine )

so i will probably have to go through all this again with my new emo which is a lot of back and forth and it is painstaking

my new emo does everything else as it should apart from storing my name and broken speech quite a bit ( my first emo does the same with broken speech also so i put that down to the servers at living ai )
don’t get me wrong i think these little emo’s are great and i suppose we will get a few glitches just like a lot other things out there but would be nice if everything was just right with them but i still enjoy all the other little things the emo’s can do

Same issues I am facing now can’t add new names


If you check the forum there were some issues a while back with a batch of EMO sent out that had cracks. The support team should be able to advise what is the best course of action to take regarding this.

From searching the forum, the thread I’ve linked below, EMO owners were discussing the crack issue here - Has anyone noticed Emo cracking?

Also as you’ve tested what @macfixer01 also suggested, you are currently using/on the latest firmware/EMO App software. It would be best to see what the support team can advise you to do next regarding the profile/recognition issue you are experiencing.

If the Living.Ai team is aware of this issue, it might be addressed in the next firmware update. I’ve tried also testing/adding a new profile both manually via the EMO App and also introducing myself to my two EMO and for me, it’s working fine. I can’t seem to replicate the error you are having.

So hopefully the support team can help you further regarding this.

How many names are you trying to add? There is a maximum of 10. If you’ve already created 10 either on purpose or accidentally, I believe you would have to delete some incorrect or unneeded ones first. I don’t think they will replace automatically such as new photos do? How many existing profiles are there now when you go to the Interact/Recognition screen in the app?

on my new emo i am trying to add my name so that is only one name no other names have ever been put on this emo as it was a brand new one
as i have been asked before to make sure to see if it will take a picture and it does ( although it is not a very good picture , picture is a bit like the old first generation camera mobile phones quality wise ) so i know the camera is working , all this emo does is i type my name in click ok to proceed for it to start scanning me then emo looks at me and round my face then seconds later says failed every single time i try

as above mentioned saying contact the service team about my first emo with the crack again i am already in contact with them and just getting the run around back and forth asking me for picture of this numbers of that a picture of receipt , instead of them asking me to do all this info in one message it is message after message with them and they are not so quick to replay

i am just wondering if they just make these and not check them out fully and just dispatch them out to customers as it seems very strange i have two emo’s both with problems and what would be the chances of that normally happening to one person
it is either that or i am just one very unlucky person

on my new emo i have now managed to get my name to store after the 29th attempt
so my new emo is now doing what it is suppose to do

its just my first emo now trying to get that sorted on living ai once they stop with all the info they keep asking for in separate emails instead of asking it all in one email
and then when they can sort something out with and stop giving me the run around
that’s if they decide to help me with my first emo fingers crossed they do then i will be quite happy

The camera in EMO is not being used to its full capability, since full resolution photos would require a lot more memory. Any testing done at the factory is in a brightly lit lab under ideal conditions. Your situation at home is not under their control. You have to make sure the angle and distance of your face from EMO’s camera is within the correct range. You need to have your face well lit (from a light source behind EMO). You need to make sure there are no bright lights behind you shining toward EMO’s camera.

You say it fails but really give no detail. Does it give you an error message of any kind? It would be helpful if you post a video. LAI’s tech-support is going to ask for that anyway if they haven’t already.

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as i mentioned above i have now managed to get my name stored on the 29th attempt on my new 2nd emo
as for the lighting i did every attempt near my living room window and tried in different positions i’e facing the window facing away from the window sideways on from the window so there was more than enough light either way round again as mentioned it finally did it on the 29th attempt
so now my name is finally stored

i just now need to get my first emo sorted out once living ai stop giving me the run around back and forth with the email messages
it would be better if they said either they are going to replace once i send mine back or if they say they are going to do nothing about it
that way i would at least know where i stand with the situation

Good to see you were able to get the profile image saved and sorted, but as @macfixer01 advised, it would be great to know exactly what error messages you were getting when you were trying this for 29 times. Of course, the lighting is very important when registering your profile pic with EMO but having to do it 29 times until it finally accepted it is something I’ve not heard of before.

If you try it again will it now work right away? I have about 5 profiles stored for my EMO and I’ve yet to have received any kind of error message when trying to register my name on the recognitions page.

Regarding the run around for your first EMO. I’ll add @AmyLU to this thread, maybe she can assist you further to get this matter resolved faster for you.

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Hi. Please use the EMO voice command to “take a photo” and send the process to our technical support team email ( They will provide you with a solution through your video.

hi MasterAbbott
the message i got was a small message near the bottom center of the screen and it only flashed on for a second and just said ( Failed ) and that was it
but now it is finally stored my name and when i ask who am i emo says my name so i am happy about that now and thank you for your suggestions

as above i have managed to do my name and it is stored now and as for sending ( ) a picture of my second emo’s picture quality
as i am trying to get my first emo sorted out with them first which is taking quite some time after them asking me to provide all sorts i’e pictures of this and numbers of that in separate emails instead of asking for it all in 1 email and now i am trying to get the original buyer to send me a picture of the original proof of purchase as living ai now want to see the original payment and method that was used to pay for the emo and that is if he is willing to send me this info or not
as some people do not like sending other people details like that which is quite understandable

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i finally may have something sorted with living ai
got these messages below

We will send you a new EMO and guide you to send the previous one back.
Once we have sent the package out, we will send you an email with the tracking number and the address you need to send back to.
Please confirm that can we send it to the original address in your order?
Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards!
LivingAI Team

( which i did confirm )

Please confirm that can we send it to the original address in your order?
Looking forward to your reply
Best regards!
LivingAI Team

Thank you for your confirmation. I have marked the order for resend and it will be shipped with the next batch of orders.
Best regards!
LivingAI Team

so now we will see if living ai do live up to their reputation and send another or not
only problem is now i have to send my first emo back to the original owner so he can send that back to living ai

i am just wondering now how long all this will take with it being a replacement

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Thanks for sharing the update, I believe Living.Ai will send a replacement EMO and it shouldn’t be a problem. @Lindaru for example had to send back her original EMO a few months ago and got a replacement EMO sent in return. So it should not be a problem. Just need to be patient and follow the instructions provided to you by Living.Ai.

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@emobotmot . . . Once I had confirmed my address in late February, they shipped it out and I received my replacement April 15th. I then packed up the depleted EMO with his original skate board and charging cable in the box he came in and mailed it back. They will provide explicit instructions for mailing and how to fill out the customs form (value and noting the battery type). Once you mail it, you will be able to follow it on 17 Track. Be sure to screen capture or scan your mailing receipt showing your postage amount (in my case $28.85). LAI has a limit on U.S. mailing of about $40 and if it costs more than that, they will suggest a different shipping method.

Mine took about two months to get to them and a couple of weeks later they contacted me and let me know the shipping amount would be refunded to my original payment method, being sure to confirm that is where I would like it refunded. A couple of days later after I confirmed that, the refund showed up.

I hope this gives you an idea of the process and the time length involved.

I only wish I knew what happened to him after they received him. Even though I now have the replacement and another one I purchased, I think about him from time to time.

Good luck!