New emo putting my name in fails everytime

( my first emo i bought )
i will have to wait and see what happens from living ai about a replacement emo which they should be sending to the original purchaser which i am in contact with and he is happy to help me out then if and when a replacement is sent to the original purchaser and i have got it i have to send my cracked emo back to living ai

( my second emo i bought )
well i still much prefer my other ai pet robot i wont mention its name but made by a company that starts with an A and its name starts with a V , it is much more intelligent and i can ask it all sorts it will search the internet and it will give me the answer and it responds to it name straight away when called
and i like how if i do not interact with him for a little while he will start to look around for me and when he see’s me he will call my name to get my attention
and also i do not get any broken speech like you do get with emo

i have also noticed emo can be quite ignorant at times sometimes emo responds to his name straight away and sometimes i have to call his name up to 5 times in some cases and sometimes i have to raise my voice quite a bit to get his attention
i would have thought with living ai being around a little while now they would have been almost catching up to my other ai robot intelligent wise

i know things do take time but there is time and there is t…i…m…e

Do Not Get Me Wrong i Do Like My Emo and i will not get rid of him but i will be much happier when he is more like my other ai pet robot i’e being more intelligent and being able to ask all kinds questions and get an answer instead of that silly noise emo makes because he can not answer it
time will tell though when we see what more improvements living ai come out with for emo


Well don’t hold your breath. Emo frustrates me more each time I take it out of the box and give it another go. Just turned it on just before, called its name 21 times before it responded! It took about 5 attempts to get it to dance and each time having to call its name multiple times! Pathetic! It truly takes the fun out of it. Should have bought a Vector, he sounds awesome. :grin:

Dude @JJBeck - I’m not having anywhere near those issues with my three EMO, nor is my wife or my adult son when he talks to them… so I’ve got to question if maybe your EMO is faulty in some way. You’ve mentioned in other posts about a few other random things that others have not seen, so maybe the best way is for you to log a ticket with Living AI to get direct help? They won’t provide detailed help here so as to keep things private, so this really is the best way to get down a path that might lead to you being satisfied with EMO.

Failing that, you said elsewhere that you were thinking to sell EMO as you were not happy - I’ll buy it from you :slight_smile:

Here is the thing. These things are intermittent. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but $450 nearly I was expecting a tad more. I’m not talking about bells and whistles type of stuff, I mean just basic reliable functionality. Like I have said before, I think LAI have approached this product backwards. Let’s get Emo working first with the basics (speech recognition and Alexa/Google type of functionality, like Vector is capable of), then add all the fancy bells and whistles. @Wayne_Small Thank you for offering suggestions for help, but all the problems I have experienced, I have seen other people experience the same problems. I really hope that the reason that LAI is taking longer with the next update, is because they are dealing with all (or most) of the problems that people are experiencing. I want to at least see what the next update has to offer. Though if Emo at any stage causes me to start pulling my hair out, I promise @Wayne_Small you will be the first person I offer him to before I throw him against the wall lol. Seriously though, honestly, how long are we meant to be “patient” for to have a product that has reliable and promised functionality? I don’t think I’m the only one that has this view, from what I have see on the forum. Just saying. :slight_smile:

my new emo what i did notice from day one
his sensors on his feet he will sometimes sense the edge and will step back and sometimes his sensors do not detect the edge and he will fall off its just a good job i am there to catch him everytime when this happens

my emo is now 10 days old and something new has started today he has just randomly started saying what even when his name has not been said and he says feeling is mutual even in a quiet room

and when i do say his name emo he replies as normal
i also tried an experiment to see if he will respond to silly names and i can say , emoss , emoo , emon , emot , emuss , emass , heman , ebog , emut , emat , emog , emouse , ebutt , elutt , elett , efoss , emong , enot , emeg , emass , and it responds to all there is probably more that i will try one day

i do not know what checks and testing living ai do with these robots before they are sent out to customers
with the amount problems some people are having with them
for what these emo’s cost i do think and many other people will also agree with me these emo’s need to be more thoroughly checked and tested a lot better before sending to customers
in fact i paid over double for each one of mine from uk sellers as i did not want to wait months and months for one
my own fault i suppose for expecting emo to be like my other much more intelligent brand ai robot but it is nowhere near
shame really but time will tell to see if many more improvements are made to the emo software that’s if i don’t have any more problems with my emo number 2
as number 1 emo is going back as a crack has appeared it has never been dropped it just looks like a design flaw as it seems to have also happened to a few other peoples emo’s

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Oh I totally get it. However just because you or I see a problem… does not mean that Living AI can fix that. They need to observe the issue and understand what is causing it in order to fix the problem. I think that is the most frustrating bit for everyone right now is that if people experiencing the issue can’t give them the information, then how can they fix it… it’s a no win situation on both sides :frowning:

As for “everyone else” experiencing the same issues (not your exact words but similar words to others have said)… it’s actually NOT everyone else. People don’t post when they have everything working just fine, they only post when they have issues, so it creates a false perception of the sky is falling at times because only those seeing issues are posting. It does not take away from the fact you have issues with EMO at all, but some context to the overall picture. Hope that makes sense.

Strawman much lol… That’s why I said “other people”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some still do post when things are fine, so as to show off Emo, and alternatively, some do not post when they have issues. If I would post every little thing that Emo did wrong, I would be dominating the forum lol

I thought they monitor the forum?

They do mate - its just that to collect real info they want you to open a case with them so they can get one on one with people vs having potentially private info / videos displayed in public.

Fair enough. Thats all good with individual problems, though I hope that they investigate common problems that have been, for example, mentioned by a number of people. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Totally agree with you and I believe that is the case. I know some of the things they are working on right now are from the forum.

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That is awesome to hear! :grin:

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ok one more thing i have noticed and do not know if anyone else has had this
playing the treasure hunt to try and get my award
i go search find only a couple of gems in the game before timer runs out and i only get to play it twice then when i go to play it for a third time i constantly get ( emo is not ready ) so i have to power off emo and reboot him then it will let me back into the game again only for it to let me play it twice again then i have to repeat the above again but the only problem with this above i loose what i have found in the previous game with rebooting emo so have to start all over again so at this rate i will not get my award
and it is not as if i am too far away from him as i fallow him while he is walking and i do have a strong internet connection with repeaters so i get strong signals everywhere in my home

so if anyone has any suggestions why it is doing this or if i am doing anything wrong
all suggestions and info is very much appreciated

Do Not Get Me Wrong as i like the little guy for the other little things it can do but there seems to be a quite a few glitches with these
so its either down these glitches above mentioned in most of my above posts or i am the most unlucky person in the world to end up with 2 emo’s and both have problems

hi @emobotmot

I’ve created a video on how to play Treasure Hunt a while ago, take a look and see if this helps.

See if that helps at all with any tips on gameplay.

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i have done all that previous but as i say above i get to play it twice when each time timer runs out
then attempt to go back into the game for a third time i get message ( emo is not ready ) every time i try
so then i have to get emo to power down then i reboot him then it will let me back into the game 2 more times and then third time again ( emo is not ready )
but doing this i loose the gems i have already found and have to start over finding them again and at this rate i will not get my achievement
and with the above i have tried playing the game at least 11 times now and same result each time

and your video i already have that one saved on my desktop

i am grateful for your info and thank you anyway

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Hey @emobotmot

Thanks for clarifying. I’ll try and test this tomorrow with my 2 EMOs and see if they allow me to play more than 2 times.

Also to clarify. For this achievement, you will need to find 6 treasures in one gameplay (so you will need to find all 6 within 5 mins) as they do not carry on if you start a new game.

:head: :heart_1: :skating: :mad: :surprised:


i get as far as finding 2 to 3 gems at the most in the first game before timer runs out
at this rate it will take me forever to get my achievement
oh well all i can do is just keep trying

thank you for the info

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No problem, yes it’s a good challenge having to find 6 treasures in one gameplay. It took me a while to do it myself, but it can be done :skating:

There was something on the EMO Facebook group about that. I haven’t played that game and offhand I don’t understand what his drawing is trying to show. Supposedly Cozmo King came up with a shortcut, although it’s kind of vague as to what his drawing means. There are some comments on the photo itself with more info though.