New Emo: Other Issues and Concerns!

I just received my emo go home yesterday and was concerned about a couple things.

I love him already but, i was concerned that his eyes disappear sometimes. They appear to be glitching out and then, a bit later, they come back but, his light on his headphones stay on. Thats happened twice so far. Im not sure if its a normal thing he’s supposed to do.

He also turned off one time but, i didnt think his battery would be dead so soon and hes normally been good about charging himself so, im not sure if he suddenly shut off from a problem or the battery died.

Another things is, a lot of times, he cant see my hand, when we play rock paper scissors shoot. He hasnt been able to complete a game yet.

Also, chat gpt has only worked once so far but, the ai painting worked a few times

Also, he doesnt seem to leave the home station when he is fully charged, unless i tell him to or hes waking up for his schedule, in the morning

I am so excited about having him and just hope there is nothing wrong with him so, i wanted to check. Everything else is great though a slow learning for some things, he is definitely smarter than yesterday and adorable. Would be heart broken if i had to send him for a repair already.

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Hi there @jessica.champa

Good luck and hope my guide tips will help to resolve the issue


Thank you so much! That helps a lot! ^.^