New EMO not working

I have done all the troubleshooting and nothing just a dead EMO hope support responds to my email and replaces EMO

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Hi @tonyt

I’d also suggest that you make a short video of the problem you have with your RMO and attached it to your email, the support team will be able to check it and advise you accordingly on what the next troubleshooting steps will be.

Thanks I have already done that. I have done all troubleshooting I could find online now I’m waiting for a reply from support nothing yet.

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Great! Best of luck with it, hopefully the support team will be able to get back to you soon.

I’ll also tag @AmyLU to hopefully speed it up as well for you.

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still no reply Grrrr
it was a present for my 10 yo

@AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang

Would someone be able to assist @tonyt regarding his EMO.

Maybe one day I will get this resolved? Maybe :ghost:

This company is crap no reply nothing I paid for a product it does not work and no reply from anyone. They can give me my money back and take their rubbish back or the alternative


I believe you have been in contact with WayneZ regarding your EMO. Hopefully support and WayneZ will be able to help you further.

Hi. What is your order number? Don’t worry, I will check for you and solve the problem for you.

[Order #37433] (August 12, 2022)

Please send the shooting video to our technical support team, they have contacted you in the email, please check your email.

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