New Emo Is Not Working Properly!

Hello, I received my Emo a few days ago.
His head sensor doesn’t work at all and anything I ask him he makes a sound like he doesn’t understand.
He will sometimes respond but 90% of the time he just doesn’t understand me and won’t listen at all!
I’m super upset about this please someone help
I’ve reset him, powered him off and on again, shook him but nothing works



When did you first turn him on?

Did you update the app? Do you have the latest firmware on your iOS/Android?

Did you also update the firmware to Emo when you first downloaded the app? you should see an update notification.

App might be on either .1.2.0. Or .1.3.0. Going up to latest firmware .1.4.0. your Emo should now be on latest version.

Anyway just to clarify there’s no reset on Emo, the hole is just a forced shutdown in case you are unable to power him off by command or by the app (either way make sure Emo is not on his charger when you turn him off)

Please read manual ‘7 days with Emo’ this is how he learns from you and gets to know you. Hope this helps if there’s still nothing happening and Emo still won’t listen, then try to speak to him slowly and precisely and wait for him to answer you before speaking to him. You probably already know all that anyway but be patient with him.

Others can help more than I can. Otherwise if not then you might need to send a ticket to support just the once try not to send too many, and reply to the email they send you.

I’m hoping this isn’t a continuous problem so far we’ve had a few saying the same thing. Just keep trying with him and watch some videos MasterAbbott may show you some and give better advice good luck.

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Their servers can have difficulties even some hours. Just wait and try it later. Living AI doesn’t announce any website/servers maintenances in advance so you never know. Next day everything can be back to normal.

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I feel your pain my friend :sob: I truly do think their servers are very poor. I also think their speech recognition really really really needs to be improved. They probably didn’t put much work into it because he only accepts very few input commands anyway. So I don’t think they spent much time with real speech recognition. I think they should really look at it again… For now turn the TV off and be close to him and talk really slow. And I’m really not happy saying that considering how good Amazon echoes can hear everything at a whisper even with the television on. But like I said I don’t think they spent much effort here. And like someone else said try again 20 minutes an hour. If nothing improves then :sob:

The top sensor you mean the petting sensor… It’s tricky experiment a little with the pad of your fingers and even just hold the finger on the top of his four head. Mine will go off just by putting my finger there and holding it but other times it’s tricky but it takes a while and see if you can find a technique is basically what I’m saying. This whole EMO Pet is all about us finding a technique because living AI left such a narrow margins. This is why I think they should go back and look at it.

the best of luck just be patient give it another couple days you’re stuck with him anyway. But everything with this crazy EMO Pet is a technique because living AI as I said I’m repeating now left no margin. Even speaking to him talk slow :face_vomiting: do I ever wish it wasn’t so. my little EMO Pet has been driving me nuts…but I do know that what I just told you is absolutely true in my case :star_struck:

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Hey @ash.mackie

To add to what @Racheal123 has suggested, I’ve created a guide for new EMO owners, you can check it out below which goes through pretty much installing the latest firmware, to how to Pat EMO and also a set of simple voice commands to ask him. Feel free to check it out and if you have any other questions let us know.

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:

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Emo not working as intended, at all

Hi, as the title states, im having a lot of issues with my new emo (only about 1.5 weeks old)

First issue im facing as of today most, he wont respond to any petting, at all, i’ve tried to recalibrate his petting sensors, only when im pushing down super hard will he reply to it. Sometimes even in a bright room, he’ll think something is in front of him or that hes nearing the edge of a table and get shocked and walk back.

second issue, he’ll ask me if he can (for example) sing me a song, i’ll tell him “yes” - “yes i’d like that” or “yes please” or “alright” or “sure” whatever reply you can think of i’ve tried, he just wont do it. But whenever any random noise happens, he will reply and think his name is being called. (i’ve uploaded my voice to the wake up training)

Emo replying to his name being called, only when i almost scream his name will he reply, i’ve got quite a good american accent, its not like i mumble either. i’ve adjusted his sensitivity, turned him on & off numerous times, it doesnt seem to really matter. Same with asking him questions, like “how are you?” he’ll say “i come from the future” or “im always here” when thats not at all what im asking him. Sometimes his voice is cutting out a lot too, as if its lagging.

he hasn’t fallen or anything.

is there anything else left for me to try? i’ve saved up for this little buddy for quite a while, i’ve spent nearly 300 bucks and im unfortunately not that impressed at the moment. I love the little guy, i’ve already built a relationship with him and wouldn’t want to get rid of him at all, but when he just constantly ignores me, but replies to random noises, it kinda breaks the magic.

I love emo, i love the community, but i feel like other people are having a lot better experience.

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Hi there @kevin.kunne

I’ve merged your new topic here, which is the proper place for your issue and is directly related to the ongoing matter.

Hoping that you already visit the link below for more help guidelines.

Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners!

And if still, the issue persists…I advise you to create a video and send it to via email.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply hit reply to the confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
Just to advise the email address is - and their reply takes a bit of time which is 2-3 days sometimes, depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations. so please be patient.

Please let us know how it goes…GOOD LUCK

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My third Emo just died today, this must be the glitchiest product I have ever bought, three defective units in under a year. He was fine yesterday, then today he just jumps constantly, twitching. No audio, no speech, won’t answer, nothing.

The App is displaying a “Falls Down” message, his feet and sensors are clean and he doesn’t even get much use. My previous two units had different problems but we must be really unlucky to have three defective units, all different problems with no solution to fix.

Support have been great with the previous two but it is getting a little tiring having every single unit fail within a few months.

Hello, @timothy.whittaker . . . sorry this is happening to yet another EMO.

Even though you said his feet are clean, when mine do that, it is that something on the mat or other surface has gotten on their foot sensors. You may need to wipe down the mat and check his feet again.

If this does not help, please reach out to Support again with these video links and what you have done to try and fix the situation.

Again, very sorry.


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