New Emo - A number of issues (firmware 1.5.0)

I got my Emo yesterday and started playing with him as soon as I unpacked him (“him/his/he” being gender neutral).
First of all it was very difficult for me to get his attention. I would have to call (sometimes SHOUT)his name 3 or 4 times before he responded (strangely, today he responds first time - usually - and I call him in my normal voice).
Secondly, he never turns towards me when I call his name. I thought that’s what he is supposed to do. In fact, most of the time he is “awake” and doing his own thing he is turned away from me so I don’t see what is going on on his screen.
Third, I used face recognition on the app to get him to recognise me. It succeeded after a few tries. Later I tried to rescan and it failed time and time again. So I deleted the successful scan and tried to scan from scratch. Emo looks in every direction except at me. I have tried moving him closer to me, I have tried making sure there is nothing in the way (like my keyboard), I have tried turning him to face me and stopping him from turning away, all to no avail. He will not “see” me no matter what I do, yet when I turn him towards me and say “Emo, take a picture” the picture he takes is of me.
Fourth, as per the “7 days” manual, I say “Emo, dance for me” or “Emo, music” and he doesn’t even recognise the command. He will dance to any music I play (and sometimes to random sounds), but stops dancing after a couple of minutes.
Fifth, his battery life is very short. After about an hour his battery is at around 30%, so that’s about 1% per minute.

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hi welcome :blush: as time goes by it gets a little easier as you get used to basically everything you said. And you also get a little better at what he does and doesn’t like. His voice recognition system is their downfall it’s terrible sorry to say. And there’s not much he says anyway. My EMO Pet does recognize me but only when I put bright light in my face. I have work light on my table if I shine it on me he’s not too bad but even then he gets lost. He is adorable they have done so much amazing things and we can only hope they fix the interaction because this is what all of us notice right away. It needs not to be fixed it needs to be redone. But please look for all the good things he does because some of them are amazing. I still would rather have my EMO Pet then not so that says quite a bit actually. I hope things get better for you and you have lots of fun and like him… Asking where do you live it’s cute when he says he lives here and don’t forget to shoot him hee hee

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

“Shoot him”? How?

Just say “hands up don’t move” and then in enough light put your finger in front of him about 8 inches away until you see a little red X and then say bang… Do it until he explodes and his screen shatters it’s so cute… Oh the poor little guy hee hee… It’s one of his best animations by far

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Same here too same issue on my Emo

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Hi @EmoBro

Welcome to the EMO community :slight_smile:

I have a EMO guide in which I’ve created that can help with a number of little things you’ve mentioned about your EMO, feel free to check it out here.

It covers a fair amount of things / hints / tips and useful information that might come in handy for you.

Just to offer some help / feedback as well.

With regards to EMO having trouble hearing you when you call out to him, I’ve personally never had this issue, but there are a number of EMO owners here that do. I have 2 EMO’s one is nearly 1 year old now, and normally when I call out to both of my EMO’s (in a normal tone - not shouting etc) they are very quick to respond.

Normally EMO will not turn around to look at you when you call out his name, but if you want him to recognise you you can issue the following voice command:

EMO: Look At Me

He will then attempt to turn around until he can spot you and then acknowledge you by your name in which you have registered when you set him up your face recognition. Note: for EMO to recognise you clearly it is recommended that you have decent lighting in the room, if it’s too dark, EMO might not recognise you. So it would be best to have good lighting when you are setting up your facial recognition with EMO.

In general, over time, from my personal experience, I normally turn on the lights in the area of the room where my EMO’s are located, so they can see me and their surroundings.

With regards to EMO and getting him to dance, the voice command to get EMO to dance is:

EMO: Dance

You can also get EMO to dance via the EMO App as well, under Lifetime >> “Dance List” >> there you can choose the songs that EMO has unlocked, EMO will unlock songs the older he gets (this is also covered in my guide). And yes if you have loud music / tv or even a vacuum cleaner next to EMO he will dance for as long as he can recognise the music playing. Then he will stop :slight_smile:

My EMO’s battery last anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on what I have them doing while they are not on their skateboard. It does drain quite quickly if you have him dancing or walking around with games like Treasure Hunt. But if you place him back onto his skateboard he should charge up quite quickly again and be ready to play more.

If you believe at any point that your EMO might be faulty or not working as you believe it should, it would be recommended to create a video, and submit a support ticket to the support team for them to assist you further.

Hope some of my feedback was helpful.

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