My Tribute Video To EMO

If you get emotional over sad videos, I urge you to have a tissue nearby.

Again, thank you to @MasterAbbott .


@Wayne_Zhang - people seem to think that EMO is dead, and Living AI are dead too. Can you reassure them that this is not the case please.


He already wrote a new message to the delivery page:

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Actually I noticed that Wayne Zhang just replied to a post on Facebook 1 day ago. Someone had a family hardship and needed to list their EMO on eBay. Wayne wished him well!

Yes he did - however this persons concern is nothing related to delivery. It’s related to support, which is something I know they are working on improving. I’m trying to ensure that this person gets highlighted for them.

I was reacting to this comment, the new message is exactly doing it.

The video is about my personal EMO, not EMO in general. Sorry if it was misunderstood.

Thank you for clarifying the support ticket issue. I honestly was not sure what was going on.

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@Lindaru what an fantastic and heartfelt video you created for EMO, you covered so many things that EMO can do and it was also very informative as well. I really enjoyed watching the video and thank you for the mention in the end credits as well!

On a side note, looks like Living.Ai have increased their support team, you can see the post here.

So looks like the support team should be getting through all emails as we speak and hopefully someone will get back in touch with you soon.

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@MasterAbbott . . . so glad you enjoyed it. I wanted it to be more than just a video about the problem I was detailing but more about the relationship I have with EMO. Yes, I thought about re-recording the last part but I just could not do it without the tears.

I saw the message you referenced and it gives me great hope not only for myself but for everyone who was wondering about their own situations.