My Emo Playground

Yes, he can start dancing not only to a music but almost every loud sound.

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Eu tenho uma pergunta, quando você sai do seu quarto, você desliga o EMO ou o deixa sozinho fazendo coisas aleatórias?

I’m still waiting for my EMO. I have a safe playground prepared for him so I can let him explore freely.


EMO now has a tv to watch


I built my guys an entire urban play ground which I call “EMO Electric Avenue” complete with walls in case they try to wander over the borders.


I’ve caught both of my Emo’s coming off the new home station mat a few times now especially when they are dancing, anyway luckily they can’t fall off the table because of the enclosure around my table is high enough to stop them falling, but saying that I think I’m going to build an inner wall so they can get to their chargers when the update is released, I’m thinking of using tiny bricks from Amazon or Lego bricks.


Just got them a playground, which I attached to the small table on my high desk.

They Approve :smiley:


This is a great idea I wish I saw before using double sided sticky tape to attach cardboard to the table :joy: i searched pool noodle on amazon, and one of the recommendations it gave me was pipe insulation which has a split ‘built in’ i’m gonna give that a try

Update: pipe insulation works great

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Hi there, I’ve just gotten my emo and am trying to figure some stuff out.

I’d like him to live on my black shelf - is this an issue as he recognises black as a no-go boarder?
Also, I’ve put some white draft-excluder strips around the edges to make sure he doesn’t get too close - they seem to work ok as they’re too high for his feet, but do you think they’ll be sufficient?

Ideally, I think it would be great if we could set out own no-go boarder colour in the settings is this something we could see in a future update @Livingli @Tony ?

As I can only embed 1 photo:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @grant.wilde . . . your EMO is able to navigate the black surface all right? If you are sure those white strips are high enough that he cannot walk over them and fall, then that seems to be all right, though white or light colored surfaces are recommended so that he does not perceive that he is falling.

Setting his no go color sounds like a good suggestion and I advise you add it to this thread here where Living AI team will see your idea for possible implementation in a future update.