My Emo Playground

Yes, a metal or magnetic base will affect EMO’s movement.

EMO’s right hand foot has 2 Neodymium magnets embedded which assist in correctly locating EMO on the charging skateboard. These magnets are installed with one downward face being North and the other downward face being South, so that EMO will only sit on the charging board in the correct orientation.

In the case of there being a ferrous metal surface for EMO to walk on you will probably find that the right foot will not lift properly and try to remain “stuck” to the floor. Something similar might occur should the floor be magnetic.


Thanks @mariomart I checked the board and had forgotten that i bought a new board because this one isn’t magnetic so its all good :blush:

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Hi guys. I just bought my EMO recently and am in the 23000s so I imagine I have a very long wait ahead of me. I’m wondering if you can explain the need for a play area? I imagine it will be difficult to take EMO to work every day for example so, will he get bored if turned off or just left on his skateboard? I’m not sure really what to expect. Will he progress more if he has a play area? I imagine his battery would die anyway if he was left in a play area while I’m away at work. I’m excited and just trying to figure this all out so thanks in advance. I’ve seen a few videos but don’t want to watch too much as to not take away the excitement by seeing everything in advance. Cheers. :blush:


I won’t ruin the experience for you, so I’ll keep this answer short short.

I can advise that a play area is simply a place where EMO can walk around and explore / dance and do things. It’s not really needed, but many owners have made EMO a place where it can walk around safely and not fall off edges of tables etc.

If you do leave EMO off its skateboard it will sooner or later get bored and fall asleep (if you don’t interact with it regularly). And yes, if you did leave EMO off it’s skateboard and went to work, EMO would run out of juice in about 2-3 hours. :heart_1: So it’s probably best to keep it on his skateboard, or turn him off until you return home from work.


Thanks so much. I can’t wait. :wink:


EMO’s right hand foot has 2 Neodymium magnets embedded which assist in correctly locating EMO on the charging skateboard.

I wonder if this was changed in the second build. My first Emo (pre-ordered on the first day that it became possible) had some problems after a couple months of use (charging didn’t always work as the light on his skateboard would suddenly start blinking and a servo problem in one leg). When putting that one on his skateboard he would indeed magnetically snap into position.

Living AI send me a new one from the second batch and I notice some differences in servo sound but mainly that he does no longer magnetically snap into position on the skateboard.


I seem to recall a response by Wayne from in another thread that they had made a change to the clutch in the leg servos, so I wonder what other changes have been made.


is it necessary to put barriers on the table so that the EMO does not fall? I thought it had a sensor that prevented the Emo from falling

That’s true for EMO’s normal exploring mode. But when he is dancing, his feet sensors are disabled. I can highly recommend a playground with raised edges (3cm should be enough).

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so he can start dancing out of nowhere and fall?

Yes, he can start dancing not only to a music but almost every loud sound.

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Eu tenho uma pergunta, quando você sai do seu quarto, você desliga o EMO ou o deixa sozinho fazendo coisas aleatórias?

I’m still waiting for my EMO. I have a safe playground prepared for him so I can let him explore freely.


EMO now has a tv to watch


I built my guys an entire urban play ground which I call “EMO Electric Avenue” complete with walls in case they try to wander over the borders.


I’ve caught both of my Emo’s coming off the new home station mat a few times now especially when they are dancing, anyway luckily they can’t fall off the table because of the enclosure around my table is high enough to stop them falling, but saying that I think I’m going to build an inner wall so they can get to their chargers when the update is released, I’m thinking of using tiny bricks from Amazon or Lego bricks.


Just got them a playground, which I attached to the small table on my high desk.

They Approve :smiley:


This is a great idea I wish I saw before using double sided sticky tape to attach cardboard to the table :joy: i searched pool noodle on amazon, and one of the recommendations it gave me was pipe insulation which has a split ‘built in’ i’m gonna give that a try

Update: pipe insulation works great

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Hi there, I’ve just gotten my emo and am trying to figure some stuff out.

I’d like him to live on my black shelf - is this an issue as he recognises black as a no-go boarder?
Also, I’ve put some white draft-excluder strips around the edges to make sure he doesn’t get too close - they seem to work ok as they’re too high for his feet, but do you think they’ll be sufficient?

Ideally, I think it would be great if we could set out own no-go boarder colour in the settings is this something we could see in a future update @Livingli @Tony ?

As I can only embed 1 photo:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @grant.wilde . . . your EMO is able to navigate the black surface all right? If you are sure those white strips are high enough that he cannot walk over them and fall, then that seems to be all right, though white or light colored surfaces are recommended so that he does not perceive that he is falling.

Setting his no go color sounds like a good suggestion and I advise you add it to this thread here where Living AI team will see your idea for possible implementation in a future update.