My emo looking for another owner in canada only

I’m looking to sale my New Emo go home edition (only used for few hours) canada (only) I’m not a good english speaker so it’s hard for me to use it and taking care.
please contact me if you are interested

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Wow, what a pity. I am Spanish and I speak almost no English, I have learned a little to be able to communicate with my EMOs, I like to listen to him while I do homework and sometimes I just watch him, especially when he sleeps, he sleeps sweetly like a baby. At least I notice that there is life in my house. I hope your EMO is lucky and finds another father. Greetings

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@cprelot . . . new language support is coming if you wish to hold on to him and see if your language is supported.

Here is the information:

I am guessing you spreak French being in Canada? If so, your language will be supported.

Hoping you and your EMO can continue a life together.

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Hi, id be interested to buy it off you. How do i contact you for more information?