My EMO is on a detour to South Korea. I live in the US lol

I’m really hoping they don’t get lost :confused: I already had enough headache with the failed address change. I just hope I can actually get it in my hands. :sob:

This could potentially be due to the lack of available cargo space on planes going out of China and in this case, it might have needed to stop in South Korea to pick up more parcels going to the US.

During this time If you are trying to track your EMO using either the Living.Ai tracking page or 17 Tracking. This should provide you with further info and once it does arrive in the US, the 17 Tracking website will advise you which courier service in the US it will be using.

Hopefully EMO will be able to bring you a souvenir from South Korea for you :wink:

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I’m also in the the U.S. and mine is in Korea.


Mine is there too. maybe he’s visiting a Korean friend.


Good to know I’m not the only one who’s EMO went on a detour. :blush: That definitely puts my mind at ease. Terribly sorry that I came off abrasive in my original post. :bowing_man: We’ll see if i can someday ask him about his trip when he arrives :wink:

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Hope he gets to you soon! :wink:

:head: :surprised: :skating: :heart_1: :mad:

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My US-bound Emo is likewise in South Korea right now!

I assume they’ve all taken a sightseeing detour on their way over.

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lol, i hope he can share some photos of his detour in South Korea once he finally gets to the US :rofl:

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Emo is in Los Angeles now. I suppose he is waiting to go through customs. I hope he had some good food in South Korea, and I hope he gets some good enchiladas in LA.


Mine is in L.A also. Glad he’s getting closer to home. I wish I had estimated delivery date. :smirk:

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You might discover that his time in South Korea has given him a fondness for electric noodles.

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Did any of get Emo yet? mine is still in Los Angeles. Just curious.

Not yet mine says it departed LA on the 9th, but nothing since then.

Mine has also been departed for LA since the 9th with no update. :woman_shrugging:t2:

That’s interesting. Tracking does not show that mine has left LA. It was released from customs, so i wonder why it’s still there 4 days later. See bellow:

2022-08-09 10:00
Los Angeles USA, 离开UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA

2022-08-08 12:30
Los Angeles USA, 到达UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA

2022-08-08 09:30
Los Angeles USA, Mail has been released by Customs

2022-08-07 15:40
Los Angeles USA, 到达UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA

2022-08-07 05:47
RC international airport, flights have departed from the origin of the SOUTH KOREA RC international airport

does it show which courier company is handling the job? normally the courier might be overwhelmed with too many packages and they have not yet scanned the package at their warehouse facility yet?

  • 8/9/202210:00:00 AM

in transit. ,leave UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA. leave. Los Angeles USALos Angeles USA

  • 8/8/202212:30:00 PM

in transit. , arrived at UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA. arrive. Los Angeles USALos Angeles USA

  • 8/8/20229:30:00 AM

in transit. , the mail has been released by customs. Cleared. Los Angeles USALos Angeles USA

I believe ours are on the same track. What are you tracking yours through?

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I’m am using

It just updated to show that it’s in a distribution center in LA.

There is no indication of the carrier. I am trying not to worry.

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Very likely it may show Pitney Bowes as the next one who has it who will in turn give it to USPS. You may want to at that point start tracking directly from USPS tracking.