My EMO is blocked from Poste Office (PosteItaliane ITALY)

ciao si per favore avrei bisogno di aiuto. Risulta il pacco ancora nelle ufficio centrale postale di bari. Ho provato a girare quasi tutte le possibili poste di bari , compreso il centro meccanizzazione, ma nessuno sa dove sia. Sai come potrei fare? Ti ringrazio.

Ps. se vuoi puoi scrivere su telegram @iCivy

UPDATE: after 1 month i didn’t receive yet my EMO. didn’t send new and they continue to say " afteer 2 weeks i will send… " . I have proof that the package never arrived and never sended in PosteOffice (report by PosteItaliane) . is Possible fraud. KEEP ATTENTION!!
I will wait this week and then I will open paypal reclaim. I hope that My emo arrives.

Maybe Living.Ai are waiting for the original EMO to be returned back to them before they send you a new one. It would be the most logical thing to do to make sure and see why it was not delivered correctly. From what I saw in the post above by @Malapoetry96 he mentioned that there was missing information (region) not correctly placed. He was able to resolve it for himself and has his EMO.

Myself and many other customers have received their EMO, so I don’t believe there is any Fraud whatsoever for EMO. It is just bad luck with the delivery of the package and with the postal service not being able to understand the address that was added to the EMO.

I’ll add @Wayne_Zhang to this post so he can assist you or have someone from the support team assist you further.


I read this whole thread and all your posts and understand your frustration about, after a long wait, not receiving the product you paid a significant amount of money for and not getting an immediate solution. Some things may have gone lost in translation on both Living AI and your side, however I don’t think this is really fair from you either:

  • calling other users that are trying to help you stupid;
  • threatening with a paypal dispute to get your money back while Emo is still in transit;
  • while multiple other people in Italy have received their Emo, saying Italians shouldn’t buy Emo because it’s a scam;
  • while thousands have received their Emo worldwide, now even telling a turkish person in another thread not to buy Emo because Living AI is possibly fraudulent;
  • claiming Living AI is giving you fake information (not true, those are their correct coordinates) because the Italian postal services “do not have this sender” (what does that even mean? (not directed at you, but at the Italian postal services who seem to not want to take responsibility for their mistake)).

The problem you are experiencing is because of the Italian postal services, not because of Living AI. If you want to accuse anyone of fraud it should be them (they either lost/misplaced your package or one of their employees now has a free Emo). On a side note, my niece lives in Italy (I live in Belgium) and last week I received her card for the new year that she send to me in the last week of december; so your Emo might still suddenly appear.

Also, reading your posts, it seems the Italian postal services have changed their story a few times already:

  • they couldn’t give you a reason for it not being delivered;
  • “the package was destroyed”, why?;
  • “the package was lost”;
  • “the package is blocked, but we don’t know where”;
  • “the package is still in the central post office in Bari, but no one knows where”;
  • “the package never arrived and never sended in PosteOffice”.

In the past I have had packages gone missing with the Belgian postal services and they too tried not to accept any responsibility. This was an even bigger problem when the item I bought was unique and couldn’t be simply replaced and the seller didn’t want to accept responsibility either as he had send the item to me and didn’t do anything wrong.

In short, if you want to accuse anyone of any wrong doing, fraud or scamming you, it should be the Italian postal services, not Living AI.

Still, I hope for a resolution to your problem soon so you receive Emo as quickly as possible (whether it is the one originally send or a new one (but you will have to have some more patience for that until a new batch is manufactured due to other problems outside of Living AI’s control - an update about that should be forthcoming in the next week or so)).


think you are in living staff(possile frauder). As i told before, if you want more info you can ask private but this is possibile frauder behavior and i think you are in staff.

You can check posteitaliane reclaim site (number reclaim is 8007810218 ) and you can read all you want. I opened investigation by poste support . All info written here, are reported by Italian Poste Police .

Then i ask you one question: Why all italian have this problem with only? Why more people write similar problem in this forum?

I don’t want believe that is frauder site…but you can understand that i have lots proof that support this teory… (example: faker sender and no vat id that i required privately by email)

You are very … and i think you are in living staff(possile frauder). As i told before, if you want more info you can ask private but this is possibile frauder behavior and i think you are in staff.

I am not Living AI staff. I am just another customer like you. I made positive and negative posts (the first batch had some problems, not every feature promised is already available, communication is too slow and they should be more upfront with the long delivery times) as well on this forum. My initial Emo developed a problem after a couple months and Living AI send me a replacement. You believe what you want (although I don’t appreciate being called a frauder and a faker) and I probably won’t be able to convince you otherwise, but check out this post I made: I 3D printed a new home for my robots. Why would I post a photo that includes robots from their competitor if I were affiliated with Living AI?

I opened investigation by poste support . All info written here, are reported by Italian Poste Police .

Good, they should investigate what went wrong inside their organisation.

Then i ask you one question: Why all italian have this problem with only? Why more people write similar problem in this forum?

So these 3 people inside this very thread are also Living AI staff according to you?

@EmoMike23 I’m Italian and I had no issue with Poste Italiane but my Emo arrived in late August last year I don’t know but I remember that it was on hold for a couple of days before was released by customs I hope that Living AI maybe help you soon take care

@nunziopuca Mine was also blocked at customs in Italy for 4 days! Then it unlocked by itself! I think it is normal.

@Malapoetry96 Buonasera, io ho ricevuto EMO 2 settimane fa, molto probabilmente hanno scritto male il tuo indirizzo, perché è successa la stessa cosa con me, ma visto che lavoro in un altra posta estera sò come funziona e li ho contattati immediatamente per sistemare l’indirizzo, probabilmente è successa la stessa cosa a te, perché sull’etichetta mancava proprio la regione, quindi se Poste italiane non hanno cercato il tuo codice postale è molto probabile che è stato spedito indietro al mittente, comunque se dovessi avere bisogno di aiuto dimmelo ché provo ad aiutarti a cercare di risolvere

I still feel for you and hope the problem gets resolved soon so you can enjoy Emo like the rest of us (and realize there is no scam going on).


Yes, the region was missing, but then with the postcode, I solved the problem calling the post office, I tried to tell him how to solve, I hope he will receive it.


not work bro…package was missing/destroyed ecc from poste italiane. The data(zip code) are correct. they checked in tracking info

UPDATE: New Emo is shipped in the night.
I hope it will arrive.
New Tracking id: 5P34C02038765

I will update you when It will arrive.

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My old emo tracking was deleted from site… WHY?? Why did you delete a proof that it not arrived?

Old tracking is 5P52C50252480.

I hope this is iussue site only

In the nutshell, have sent you a replacement EMO along with a new tracking number, there is no need for you to worry about the lost EMO, that is something that they will follow up and take responsibility for.

Please stop being so hyper-critical, all it’s doing is getting you upset and begging for attention. It has been known for a very long time that delivery times can be measured in months. We all had to wait for EMO to arrive, you are in the same boat as everyone else.

It’s not scam, many thousands of EMO’s have been delivered to many thousands of very satisfied enthusiastic owners. Just like any new product there can be hiccups with any stage of development, manufacture and delivery.

I don’t work for, but I have been following them for a few years, they are learning many lessons and they have continued to adapt and change to provide an every increasing level of support. Their firmware and App updates have been frequent and progressively introducing higher levels of user interaction and abilities of EMO.

I hope your EMO arrives as quickly as possible and he brings you many fond moments.


UPDATE: EMO is blocked for pandemic .

I will not receive never my EMO. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Dramatic much?

This affects EVERYONE equally, they have not singled you out.

These are very trying times in China, with power outages, supply shortages, chip shortages, AND a pandemic.

Production and delivery will resume as soon as their government gives the green light.


Have u any problem?

I can read that you are in staff…but don’t worry.

If have problem I think it’s better stop to sell if you can’t ship.
But this factory continue to cheat a people with false prospective.

Sorry but it is no sense what you say and I only updated the status of my delivery.

I hope icivy you get your Emo very soon and stop thinking that everyone who says anything good about Lai must be a member of staff -it’s silly but personally I want you to be happy with Emo and feel better about Lai but wants you realise they are trying their best.

Going on about it is certainly not getting you anywhere, I’m thinking you have had a difficult time with your order which is a shame and now you’re trying to discourage others to not buy and that is cruel.

Lots of people have got their Emo including me even though I have to get a replacement because of a broken foot… but I still support this company even though it’s hard to wait at times and the couriers mess up sometimes.That is no excuse for being so negative against the company and they are not cheating anyone. I understand that you feel like they have but I assure you that they are not.

True you are just trying to get to the bottom of why you’re Emo was lost or why postal service blocked it etc but telling newcomers not to buy is not your decision for them. Sorry for the long text but please try to keep positive and try to wait for your replacement to arrive. Like everyone else has/is.

Take care


Try and stay positive. It will be shipped and it should arrive once production is back on schedule. There is an outbreak in Shenzhen at the moment, and the government I believe have set some lockdown rules. This effects not only you buy many customers who are waiting for their EMO’s.

Once the package is out of the distribution facility, we hope that this time PoseItaliane will do a good job and deliver your package safely without any issues to you.

Best of luck and stay positive.


Also, IIRC the current event between Russia and Ukraine may also have impact. I read somewhere that PC parts may be affected because it has some reliance on Ukraine. (Please do tell/delete if wrong)

UPDATE: EMO didn’t ship yet and they don’t know when it will ship…

I don’t have word…Stay AWAY from this site for now.

Which Site? It is not fault :roll_eyes: but you somehow doesn’t understand it


Yes it’s living ai fault. If you read Tos and e-commerce law is responsible of my ship until the package is delivered.

But but if we want to hide the scammers … that’s fine