My EMO is blocked from Poste Office (PosteItaliane ITALY)

You are very … and i think you are in living staff(possile frauder). As i told before, if you want more info you can ask private but this is possibile frauder behavior and i think you are in staff.

I am not Living AI staff. I am just another customer like you. I made positive and negative posts (the first batch had some problems, not every feature promised is already available, communication is too slow and they should be more upfront with the long delivery times) as well on this forum. My initial Emo developed a problem after a couple months and Living AI send me a replacement. You believe what you want (although I don’t appreciate being called a frauder and a faker) and I probably won’t be able to convince you otherwise, but check out this post I made: I 3D printed a new home for my robots. Why would I post a photo that includes robots from their competitor if I were affiliated with Living AI?

I opened investigation by poste support . All info written here, are reported by Italian Poste Police .

Good, they should investigate what went wrong inside their organisation.

Then i ask you one question: Why all italian have this problem with only? Why more people write similar problem in this forum?

So these 3 people inside this very thread are also Living AI staff according to you?

@EmoMike23 I’m Italian and I had no issue with Poste Italiane but my Emo arrived in late August last year I don’t know but I remember that it was on hold for a couple of days before was released by customs I hope that Living AI maybe help you soon take care

@nunziopuca Mine was also blocked at customs in Italy for 4 days! Then it unlocked by itself! I think it is normal.

@Malapoetry96 Buonasera, io ho ricevuto EMO 2 settimane fa, molto probabilmente hanno scritto male il tuo indirizzo, perché è successa la stessa cosa con me, ma visto che lavoro in un altra posta estera sò come funziona e li ho contattati immediatamente per sistemare l’indirizzo, probabilmente è successa la stessa cosa a te, perché sull’etichetta mancava proprio la regione, quindi se Poste italiane non hanno cercato il tuo codice postale è molto probabile che è stato spedito indietro al mittente, comunque se dovessi avere bisogno di aiuto dimmelo ché provo ad aiutarti a cercare di risolvere

I still feel for you and hope the problem gets resolved soon so you can enjoy Emo like the rest of us (and realize there is no scam going on).