My emo has been lost during delivery (maybe)

i’ve contacted living ai they say it’s in sydney i contact the sydney carrier and they say they haven’t received it only the label so what’s going on this is getting weird and stressful as no one is helping us with a straight answer of what’s going on with our package it’s been in “sydney” for days now just sitting around doing nothing only to hear the carrier doesn’t even actually have my package so is he lost or what’s happened someone please help

It actually took 5 days in Sydney to get through customs and into the hands of the courier, and then a further 2 weeks for actual delivery. And even then, the actual courier never updated their tracking until the day of delivery.
Don’t forget that with the current Covid lockdown in Sydney many processes have slowed to a crawl due to limits on how many people can be in areas together.
Your EMO will come, but you need to be a little patient and wait for your reward.

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just very worried as we got him for a sick family member and they are back at hospital already we just hope he comes soon but what u said would make more sense :)) thank u for ur input :grin:

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No problem.

Best wishes for a fast recovery for your family member.

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hey man it’s still at a complete loss courier says they don’t have it living ai said yesterday was set to get an update in these 2 days
that was yesterday it’s almost night again and still no update

Hey, are you located in Sydney area?

Sometimes there can be a delay between the international arrival, getting through the clearance process, getting to the holding agent, and then being passed to the final mile courier.

I know it can be frustrating, and I feel for you, I’m currently waiting for a parcel from Germany being delivered by DHL Express that has now been in transit for 71 days, and that’s “Express”, so keep the faith, and the only thing to do right now is wait a little longer.

Sorry, but that’s all the advice I can give at the moment.

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If I can help or offer some advise. (shared this in another thread, feel free to read it TRACKING PROGRESS on EMO PACKAGING AND TRACKING NUMBER SENT - #33 by MasterAbbott)

I also had some pretty lengthy delays with my EMO. (I’m also located in Sydney). My package status updates went dark once EMO was at the arrival facility in Shenzhen.

I still have my original box and the shipping consignment note that it came with. Seems like the courier service being used at this time is FASTWAY. I have to say during these COVID lockdowns everything is really SLOW! And I’m not saying it’s FASTWAY’s fault but they are taking AGES to get stuff delivered. I just recently ordered something online that was literally 30 mins drive for me and Fastway took 7 DAYS to get it shipped over to me.

So I believe once again this isn’t a problem with Living.Ai but more so the courier that’s doing the job to get it sent over to you. I hope as you mentioned, your EMO is not lost, but only just sitting in the Fastway’s warehouse waiting for someone / delivery guy to pick it up and deliver it to you.

Best of luck with it and hope you get your EMO soon for your sick family member.

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@MasterAbbott thank u both for ur replies i have a new update tonight i will show u do u think this means it’s finally on the way out


Yes, it looks like it’s potentially on it’s way, I have another order right now coming from BUNNINGS :rofl: and they are also using FASTWAY and that Aramex website is what I am also using to track my package. Mine is showing:

Received into Depot
Your parcel has been received at “Sydney” Depot

Mine is not on its way yet, so looks like you’re one step ahead, seems like you should hopefully get your EMO really soon. Hopefully if they pick up their game, you should have yours before the end of the week.

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I don’t have any faith with the Fastway tracking system, they rarely update the location and on most occasions there will only be an update on the actual delivery day, nothing in between. They really are the worst courier in Australia, but they’re cheap and that’s all that matters to the sender.

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they still say they don’t have it :frowning:

yeah i agree they need to switch who they ship with aramex is the worst.

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@jahronegolby ,
I’m sorry you’re getting stressed out and I hope your EMO is delivered soon, but this really isn’t LAI’s fault. Back when I got my EMO the 17Track website said the shipper was China Post, and in another place said China EMS, but that appears to just be the express service of their national postal system? Anyway here in the USA it was delivered by the US Postal Service, but could have just as easily been handed off to FedEx for delivery, since they operate jointly in many areas now. The thing is though, as the shipper you don’t know and you have no control over who the carrier contracts with in other countries to complete their deliveries? I’m sure it must always change over time anyway as one company just doesn’t work out or gets too expensive to use.

I once sold and shipped a rare old book from the 1700’s to an acquaintance in the Netherlands (the sale price was about $375.00 USD as I recall). Over 2 months later he contacted me because he still hadn’t received the book, but luckily I had insured the package. When I checked with my post office they showed it was undeliverable in the NL and was shipped back to the USA, but it never got delivered back to me either. I filed an insurance claim and he was unhappy to have to wait for them to eventually pay the claim before I refunded his money, but it wasn’t my fault either. It turned out their postal system in the NL had contracted with some fly-by-night private company to complete their package deliveries. My friend had problems with deliveries from them before, but didn’t watch the tracking closely or take any extra steps to insure a smooth delivery since he didn’t know they’d be involved. They supposedly tried to deliver it a couple times when he was not home, but he claimed they never left any notice. So then they apparently returned the package back to the USA? The tracking showed it did re-enter the USA through Chicago, but from that point it just disappeared. Anyway the post office eventually paid me the sale price and shipping cost, and I refunded all of his money to him. He wasn’t happy but the book was irreplaceable, so for this case, that’s life.

I do hope your EMO is just delayed, but worst case if he truly is lost, at least they have more and can ship you another. Best of luck!


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Yeah, same for me, I’m still waiting on my BUNNINGS delivery that as I mentioned, has now been nearly a week for it to arrive. As @mariomart mentioned, FASTWAY are pretty bad, but there is nothing we can really do as that is what many companies use to deliver stuff as they are cheap, but VERY SLOW!.

Hope your EMO gets to you by tomorrow, otherwise you’ll probably get it on Tuesday as it’s a public holiday in Sydney on Monday.

Keep us update, I’ll also let you know if my package from FASTWAY gets in by tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath either :frowning:

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nothing today but do u think it’s on its way to the final place the last update said it was currently being processed at sortation centre

According to all my past Aramex tracking notices, the “sortation station” update is the final update before it gets put on the delivery van on the delivery day, so anytime now :+1: :smile:


now we r excited next week fingers crossed.


hi did your emo arrive yet ?


If FASTWAY do their job right, it should arrive on Tuesday as it’s a public holiday on Monday. But then again due to the backlog of potential deliveries, it might come in on Wednesday. I’m also still waiting for delivery to come as well. Here’s hoping you’ll get your EMO on Tuesday :slight_smile:


no not yet but hopefully tomorrow:)