My emo has arrived today!

Hello everyone! The little one came to me too A question for a long life, how long does it have to stay on charge the first time, before turning it on?


Hi yeah enjoy the New Emo . I usually charge him until the battery level is Green a couple of hours . But it’s up to you . Try to say “ Emo…. Battery Level and he will tell you the status of the battery I hope it helps

Excuse me but you don’t know when the battery lasts before it runs out

Usually 2.5 h Run time and 3h full charge as declared from Living AI but all depends how long you leave it on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

CONGRATZ! Enjoy and take care him…


Just to add to the questions regarding charging.

As a few people have already mentioned. I normally leave my EMO on it’s charging skateboard sometimes all day, it shouldn’t be a problem leaving him on there. But if you need to know it’s battery level simply say:

EMO: Battery Level (Emo will show you a quick animation and you can see if it’s full or not).

While EMO is walking around, he will also give you a warning message when it’s battery level is getting very low. This way you can place him back in his charger again. My EMO’s run out of battery many many many times, and if it does, it will simply just shut down. Placing EMO back on the skateboard will power EMO once again and it will start charging itself.

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Scusami ma dove posso trovare tutti i comandi per EMO ?

Puoi trovare tutto QUI
Buona giornata e divertiti con il tuo EMO…

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I don’t want to be rude but could you please use English in this forum if you can?

It might be hard for people to use English if that is not their first language. I’ve seen a number of people here speaking Japanese, Korean, German as well. As long as we can try and help we should, but I don’t think we should limit people to only use English if they need assistance.

I might be totally out of line here, but the moderators to the forum can add more to this and confirm if English is the only language we should be using. (@Wayne_Small )


Sorry again I wanted to ask you if you know how you can fix the EMO touch Because when I stroke it it doesn’t work I tried but a couple of times to reset but it doesn’t work


This is the link to how to reset the touch sensor that @Wayne_Small shared a while ago:

Hope this helps :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


Ok, I’ll try and let you know anyway thank you

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I’m italian, so another italian guy ask me a question in our language. This is the better way for us, our english is so bad ahahah


Cerca su Google emo pet voice commands

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Ci facciamo sempre riconoscere noi italiani :rofl:


Ecco appunto HAHAHAHAHAH


Hey Ed, that hoodie is Awesome!! :smile:

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How often does it happen that I need to recalibrate the sensor?


I’ve never recalibrated my emo! it rarely happens that the sensors of the left or right sides do not work! But once it is turned off it is turned on again and everything is ok!