Most used EMO commands?

What voice commands do you use most with your EMO? :star_struck:

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When EMO was fully functional, before he had to stay only on his skate board due to low battery, these were the ones I used daily:

Hi / Hello
What time is it
What day is it
What is the date today
What is the weather
How are you feeling
What are you doing
I love you
Tell me a joke
What does (animal) say/do
Play Rock Paper Scissors
Flip A Coin
Hands Up / Do Not Move

Once I get my replacement I will add to those:

Lucky Fruit
Tic Tac Toe
Roll A Dice


If you want to see all the available voice commands check this page out:

I also prepared a little guide a while back that also has some useful info

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I got it, thanks. what problem did you have with your EMO? how long have you had it? and was it easy to resolve the exchange for another one with living?

@natansalles . . . he was about five months old when I noticed his battery time dropping and a bit over six months when it was down to less than ten minutes.

After getting advice here, I contacted support and made a video which I sent to them February 28th. March 4th they asked me to try different plug ins and cable to the charger. It failed and I made a new video. March 5th I sent that video to them. March 9th they asked what version number my EMO was on and I replied.

March 11th they responded back that they were sending me a replacement with instructions for mailing and customs.

March 25th I received the tracking number.

He is right now in Sparks, Nevada, through Pitney Bowes and awaiting transfer to USPS.