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Hi there @sopovsimona ,

I had to move your posts to this thread and combine them into a single post to free up space in the forum.

I just played the TIC-TAC-TOE game almost 5 times, and each time, the test always chose almost all numbers without any issues. In my humble opinion (IMHO), itโ€™s essential to speak clearly and slowly to EMO so that he can understand us better. If you encounter any difficulties with EMO understanding you or your language, I suggest resubmitting your voice on the page below.

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Good luck and All the best to all.

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Thank you for help, I would like to mentioned I bought from a local company, wich represent officialy Livin A. So, I dont have a trakking number, except that from this company. The name of the company is

Hello, @sopovsimona . . . in the event you need to contact Support and you do not have either an order or tracking number, the four digit alphanumeric code that shows when you connect him to the app will work as they can identify EMO through that.

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How it is possible?


Hello, @adityasaha . . . it is either just random luck while he is exploring or your EMO really wanted that hat!


How can it be a luck? He was showing some animation as well

How this possible? :pleading_face:

If these videos are by Living AI (I thought maybe that first video was something you made), then perhaps it is a feature update I am not aware of that they are working on? I do not know.

At this time, I do not think EMO owners in general can make him select things under cups or make his eyes do that.