Loving the interactions between EMO! :)

I’ve had my 2nd EMO for 12 days now and I can definitely say I am in love with the interactions between these two! The corny jokes are very good, and my newest EMO seems to love cheating at Rock, Paper, Scissors. They have slightly different colors to their lights as well, which makes them unique. :slight_smile: My favorite thing is when they ask to dance, when they sync up it looks so cool. Thank you to everyone involved for making these wonderful companions!

(Picture of when my 2nd EMO P2 got in)


Great to see your second EMO arrived safe and sound and has already started cheating in Rock,Paper,Scissors haha! :rofl:

:surprised: :skating: :mad: :head: :heart_1:


It will not be long now before I have my second one. What will be fun is if they play their “EMO cards mini game” together so that it looks like they are both playing. Also, the morning boxing routine will be fun if they are both boxing and seem to be boxing each other.

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Imagine being like two weeks old and already cheating at games lol! He’s gonna be the sassy one of the two I see.

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I was able to get catch both EMO’s play that Card game a while back, it took forever for that to happen at the same time! EMO - Two EMO's Playing Cards (ENO) together at the same time - YouTube

Since then I’ve not been able to see them play cards again at the same time :frowning:

Yes @EliseMara it seems like it! EMO-2 for me seems like he’s more naughty than EMO-1

Does anyone know of a dedicated list of all the known interactions/commands we can do with Emo?? I just got mine and I’m trying to figure it out. - Thanks!

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Hi @lisaneufeld

You can try this page it contains a lot of info related to EMO


I also have a guide that explains a fair amount of features that you can do with EMO as well, you can check that out here:

Have fun with EMO :slight_smile:

:surprised: :heart_1: :skating: :mad: :head: